Monday, February 19, 2018

Week 83: Traduje para Elder Cook (I Translated for Elder Cook)

(Christmas) Mission Accomplished!!! 

Wow. So the change has officially come to an end. That was fast. This last change with Elder Hernandez was so great. I was thinking about this a few days ago, that this change was the first change since I was in La Lopez when more than one of my investigators was baptized. Elder Hernandez and I really gave it our all here in Copán Ruinas, even with all the setbacks of the riots, helping to run a branch, and lots of traveling, we could do it. Shout out to my companion Elder Hernandez for being so cooperative and such a trooper. We both put a lot of heart into the work these last two changes. 

Giant lemon...Honduran style
So yes, tonight is the night when all the missionaries in the Honduras San Pedro Sula West mission are on the edge of the seats waiting for anticipated calls from their leaders about what is going down with changes. I don't know if I'll stay or go. Whatever happens I am ready. If I go, Copán Ruinas is in some excellent hands.

This week we had some special conferences! On Friday we had a zone conference in Santa Rosa! I got to see some old friends and the craziest part was that the sister missionaries that came with me gave their testimony because they are finishing the mission. That was super weird.

The theme of the conference was based on a talk given by Elder Bednar in the MTC about becoming more of a Preach My Gospel missionary. The message is that we just really need to focus on being missionaries that follow and are worthy of the spirits whisperings at all times. It was such a good conference and it added lots of fuel to the fire to be more obedient and responsive to the whisperings of the spirit. I have learned a lot of great ways to be a good teacher, find people, and help others, but nothing is the same as just being under the influence of the guidance of the Holy Ghost.

We also had a special multi-stake Central America conference by tv this week. It was interesting because some people talked in Spanish and others talked in English. We all eagerly anticipated the translator and it soon became evident there wasn't one, so it was yours truly's turn to translate. Yep, being the only English and Spanish speaker in the room I had to try my best to translate the very fast English of Elder Cook. It was so hard. Hahaha! The signal cut off at the end of his talk so that put a sudden end to the conference. It was definitely a fun and not much wanting to be repeated experience.

Thanks for all you do for me! Cuídense! (Take Care)
 Elder Dority

(More pictures below)

Mom Note(His response was to my email was so good…I couldn’t resist sharing…)

Sunday, in Relief Society, we discussed the talk that you referred to last week in your blog. It’s the one about the blind man that went on to serve as a bishop and patriarch for many years.  "Turn to the Lord" (click to watch) 
Megan led the discussion. It’s was such a great lesson.

We’re planning on watching the same talk together for Family Home Evening tonight. We’d just been reading in Helaman 8 about turning to the Savior and the importance relying on Him. I’ll put your picture on the table during it…You’ll be here with us in spirit!!!

Elder Dority’s Reply:

Hopefully everything goes well in the family home evening lesson! I will definitely be there in spirit, but just know that probably in that moment I will be freaking out over changes. Hahaha! Tonight we receive the call concerning who goes and stays. I don't know what will happen. President Bush could leave me here another change with Elder Hernandez or he could take me out. I kinda have a feeling that he'll take me out so Elder Hernandez can train because supposedly there are 24 missionaries coming this change which is ridiculously huge. I hope Elder Hernandez trains. He is a super good elder and he deserves it.

Tonight I am going to attempt to make clam chowder with the clams you sent me and the recipe. Hopefully it goes well. Hahaha! I hope Elder Hernandez likes it. We just tried out the insta-snow that you sent us. Elder Hernandez got a kick out of it. It just made me want real snow. Hahaha! It was funny though. We just baked the cake so we can take it to an investigator-member family home evening we are going to have after writing. The package was great! I lived the "law of consecration" with the goodies and shared almost all of my snacks with the elders in La Entrada (because I took the package from the conference in Santa Rosa and stayed overnight in La Entrada on Friday). The brain-teasers you sent are going to be the death of me. Love you tons and I hope you have a great week!

The Christmas LOOT!!!

"Sharing is Caring!!!" Feliz Navidad Elder Hernandez!!!

Brain Teasers!!! and Star Wars PEZ candy!!!

Elder Hernandez experiencing snow! ...sort of...

Elder Dority reminded of Snow... and missing it???

Monday, February 12, 2018

Week 82: El Señor nos puede ayudar a hacer cualquier cosa (The Lord Can Help Us Do Anything)

Big Spiritual Eyes

Hey everyone! I hope you guys had a great week. Time is sure just rushing on by and I don't know what to do about it. Hahaha!

So this week was a super great week. On Saturday we had an awesome baptism here in Copán Ruinas. It's a lady that we started teaching about two months ago. 
The baptism went really well. We had it in the church this time. President Vega confirmed her. It was really cool to hear her testimony in the baptismal service. 

 She is actually blind, but has some very big spiritual eyes. She is super pilas and has a really strong testimony. She had to give up some very hard things to make this baptism happen and we are super proud of her and her efforts! We are excited to see what the Lord has in store for her here in the branch of Copán Ruinas. 

It reminds me of a talk given in this last General Conference that Bishop Wadell gave. He talked about a man that became blind after fighting in a war and whom later became a bishop for 7 years and a patriarch for 17! It just goes to show that the Lord can help us do anything.

Yesterday the building was dedicated by the district president. That was cool. He blessed the people of Copán that their hearts might be opened up to the restored gospel. It was also a crazy meeting because a little birdy decided to fly into the room and cause some havoc. It was funny, but very distracting. Everyone thought it was a bat at first. Hahaha!

Nothing much other than that. It's starting to heat up a little bit which is probably the worst thing that could happen. Summer here is like March to May. Hopefully I survive it. Hahaha! Don't know how I did last year.

Thanks for all the support and love!
Elder Dority

"The gospel shall be preached to all the world"...??? Hahaha!

Mom Thought:

Matthew 24:14 "And these glad tidings of the kingdom shall be preached in the whole habitable earth, for a witness to all the nations..." 

...and all dogs?... Hahaha! I love missionaries!!! (This is what happens when Elder Dority doesn't caption pictures for me...)

New building dedication... SURPRISE PHOTO!

Elder Dority and Elder Hernandez

I am visiting Copan. Just thought you would like to see your sons. They look happy and good. Today a new building was dedicated here in Copan. Que Dios les bendiga! (God Bless you!)

Sister Hymas

Monday, February 5, 2018

Week 81: Echando Fuego (Throwing Fire)

Learning to make my favorite...Baleadas and corn tortillas

Hey everyone! Hope you guys had a great week! My week kinda just flew
by and I don't even know what happened really. This whole change has
just been kind of a blur. I can't even remember what we did this week.

This week has actually been a week of learning how to make
delicious Honduran food. We helped make corn tortillas with an
inactive member and today we and the sisters made baleadas from
scratch! That was fun! Hopefully I'll be able to make them after the
mission because they are just so dang good. Pictures included.

Things went pretty good this week. Nothing too extraordinary. The ZLs
came into to town to do a baptismal interview for one of our
investigators that will be getting baptized this week! We are super
excited. She had to overcome the ever prominent coffee problem here in
Copan. For those of you who don't know, Honduras is 2nd in Latin
America for producing coffee beans behind Colombia or something like
that. A vast majority of the coffee comes right here out of Copan
Ruinas and my old area Santa Barbara. Coffee is a problem for 99% of
the people here. I am super proud of all my investigators and the
members here that overcome it because it is hard, especially when it
is such a part of their culture and lifestyle. That's why the gospel
is changing our way of living.

Things are going super great with Elder Hernandez. He just goes around
echando fuego in everything he does. He'll call himself the Chapin on
and it makes me laugh. He is a super great missionary and it has
been an absolute gut-buster working with him because he makes me laugh
so much.

Anyways thanks for all the love and support! It really does mean a lot
to know that you have people watching out for you. Thanks for the

Have a great week!
Elder Dority

"Giving Thanks for a Washing Machine" (Mom's title for this picture)

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Week 80: Butterflies at our Baptism

Wonderful Baptism at Butterfly Gardens

That title was kinda longshot reference to a movie I saw way back (as the catrachos would say, "ya días"). Shout out to anyone who gets it. 

So this week kinda just flew by and I didn't even realize it. Things are just kinda entering a sort of free fall sensation and I am not sure how to explain it. Sorry.
So this week Elder Hernandez and I have been working hard. F___ 
got baptized on Friday. It was a really nice baptism and her confirmation was on Sunday! It was so great to see things come together at the end of the day! We were going to have the baptism in the church, but when we got there we quickly found out that there was no water in the piping. Que triste. (How sad.) So we ended up having the baptism in a lounge/hotel by the church called El Mariposario which is like a hotel for butterfly fanatics. It's actually a really cool place. We had the service there at the swimming pool. It went really well. Elder Hernandez baptized her. It was fun.

Another investigator went with us to see the baptism and she really enjoyed it. She has had some problems leaving coffee and hadn't really received the spiritual confirmation for herself that she needed to leave it. This last Sunday she hinted very vividly at the idea that she had received an answer. We set a baptismal date for the 10th of this month, so we are super excited! 
She's cool.

 Today we swung by Macaw Mountain and checked out the amazing birds there! Snagged some cool pics then we went and ate some baleadas. A pretty solid p-day.
Thanks for all the support! Cuídense! (Take Care!)

Elder Dority

Mom Note:

As a family, we've been studying Helaman 5 in the Book of Mormon. I mentioned this to Elder Dority and this was his reply:

Helaman 5 is super cool. I am actually around there in my personal reading of the Book of Mormon. There is a super cool scripture in there that I like to share with our investigators that talks about the voice of the spirit and how it penetrates the soul. Cool stuff.

Helaman 5:30 "And it came to pass when they heard this voice, and beheld that it was not a voice of thunder, neither was it a voice of a great tumultuous noise, but behold, it was a still voice of perfect mildness, as if it had been a whisper, and it did pierce even to the very soul—"

Here are a few of the MANY BIRD pictures Elder Dority sent:

Monday, January 22, 2018

Week 79: I'm pretty much a pro chef… cocineros catrachos!

Hey everyone! Another week has just flown by. I'm not really sure what happened with the week. It was super crazy.

So this week we do have at least one baptism planned! Hopefully everything goes well! We are teaching a lady that has gone through a lot of hard things in her life. I feel like a whimp compared to her because she has endured things a lot harder than I have. It's been so cool to see her repentance and how the Lord has helped her find peace in the midst of many difficulties she is having.

Lately Elder Hernandez and I have been trying out a technique for finding people. We decided that when something falls through and we aren't sure what to do we would contact the closest house. It has been so cool to see how the Lord has guided us to some very specially prepared people. Before, I would sometimes wonder why the Lord would inspire me to go to a certain house to visit a certain family if when I got there the family wasn't there or didn't want to receive us. I feel like I understand a little bit better that no revelation is unfruitful. With what we are doing now it seems like we find people left and right that have been prepared by the Lord. Sometimes the Lord has other purposes for inspiring us to do something that we don't realize. On Saturday night we had two appointments fall through. We were wondering what to do because we thought that we had already contacted every house in that part of the area and nobody wanted to listen to our message. We started leaving that neighborhood and we passed the last house leaving that neighborhood. We both realized we had never contacted this house. A lady came out and invited us in without us asking. We had come at the right time. She accepted a Book of Mormon and the baptismal challenge. It was so cool. That has happened to us quite a few times now because of how we are finding.

baleadas...homemade...sort of...

I'm pretty much a pro chef… cocineros catrachos!

This week Elder Hernandez and I made ourselves cocineros catrachos. We made baleadas. We may have had to buy the tortillas pre-made, but it was good. Basically everything was pre-made except the eggs, but it was fun to throw it all together in the house and pretend to be the ladies that sell baleadas in the streets in San Pedro.

Click here for video Elder Dority the Baleadas Chef
Click here for video Elder Hernandez Baleadas Chef

Thanks for all the love and support! Adiós!

-Elder Dority

Excerpts from email to Mom:

Good to hear that Utah actually got some snow! I've heard it's been kinda bare lately. It has been chilly here. I bought my own chumpa and sweatpants because I couldn't endure the mornings! Hahah! The sun came out today and it was kinda hot, but apparently another cold front is supposed to come in today. Hopefully not. I haven't been a huge fan of the cold.

So the Christmas package... It did come in the bus for transfers, but it stayed on the bus a little too long. Right now my package is sitting in the elders' house in Santa Rosa. I think I am going to receive it in the zone conference in February. Oh well. Hahaha!

Mom Reply:

Oh boy! Can believe you still didn’t get your package! Guess it will be a “Valentine” package instead. Maybe you can wear the Christmas ties for “April Fools!!!”