Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Week 66: Bautismo! Siombé, ge.

Elder Dority, K___, YM President, Elder Cox

Young Men's President, K___ and his Family

Hey everyone! So this week was pretty crazy. So we had two baptisms planned for last Saturday. Ever so sadly, one of them fell through on Tuesday. He passed the interview the Friday before, but then informed us on Tuesday that he couldn't be baptized on Saturday because he was already baptized in the Catholic Church and he believes in that baptism. We tried explaining everything about authority and Christ's church, but to no avail. He told us about how he had talked to his mom and grandma about his decision to get baptized in this church and from what we understand he didn't receive any support. It was really quite sad. Hopefully we can help him come to understand.

Thankfully the other investigator went through with the baptism. His Young Men’s President baptized him. It was a really great service and actually quite a bit of his family came out to the service. The zone leaders were kind and offered the family a tour of the church after the service.

I had the blessing of confirming our investigator a member of the church on Sunday in sacrament and he actually ended up receiving the priesthood in the last hour. That was cool. Right off the bat he can start helping out with Priesthood duties.

On Friday we had a zone conference with President and Sister Bush. It was really good. The
focus of the whole conference was using the Book of Mormon. They talked about how we need to have the Book of Mormon in the lives of the investigators as soon as possible so they 
can feel that God is talking to them. It was a great conference and gave me a lot of desire to work more with the Book of Mormon in contacting and teaching.

Zone Conference

Elder Cox (bottom far left ), Elder Dority (bottom second left ), Elder Deeble (top, third from right)

We created our own District jersey

So tonight we receive the very much anticipated call from the zone leaders telling us who is going and who is staying. I am almost guaranteed the boot. I really have grown to love being in the city. I remember when I found out I was going to be in the middle of San Pedro Sula and I was just like, "oh no," but now I am so grateful for the many friends I have made here. Serving with Elder Cox was AWESOME and we are pretty close now. Lots of people think we are brothers or cousins because we apparently look similar, but we just have to tell them hermanos en Cristo. (Brothers in Christ) Hahaha!

Thanks for all of your support!
-Elder Dority

Side note from family letter: aka answers to Mom's many questions...
A guy had to come in and chip at our pila so he could replace the PVC. So the Pink Eye endemic died down. Elder Cox and I used hand sanitizer like crazy people, so luckily we haven't been hit with it. There are quite a few missionaries that have had it though. Not fun.
I have a ton of pictures for today. I just have to get them all downloaded on different computer. 
I did see the video that Sister Golder made. It is super cool to see pictures from the others. I haven't seen anything from Austin or Megan, so that was cool. It's also cool to see Mike. He's a good kid. (Sister Golder taught a lesson in church about serving those not of our faith and compiled a video of all the missionaries currently serving from our ward. She used it in her lesson as well as sending a copy to each of the missionaries.)

Monday, October 9, 2017

Week 65: Gracias Conjuntivitis (Thanks Pink Eye)

Last District Meeting

Hey everyone! So this week has definitely been an action-packed and crazy week. Action-packed in a good sense...? Maybe and maybe not. Hahaha! 

So this last week was a blast... literally. First off, I totally busted a faucet on our outside pila. So the thing is, my toilet has a huge crack in it so I can't let the water come in like normal and fill up the tank or else it will leak. So every time I want to use the bathroom I have to fill up a bucket in our pila outside and bring it in so I can flush the toilet. Well, we had come running home in a HUGE rainstorm, soaked to the bone, running because we both had to use the bathroom. I quickly went to the pila to fill up my bucket and because I had to go so bad I wasn't paying attention and when I lifted the bucket out of the pila I nailed the faucet. That broke the pipe that it was connected to because the pipe was nothing more than PVC. So out of nowhere water shoots out like a rocket and starts spraying me. I drop the bucket and try to put the faucet back on, but the pipe was completely broken so it wouldn't go back on. I yelled for Elder Cox to come out and turn the water off because there is a little hole in the ground with a pipe and a nob that I assumed was the main line. I told him to turn it off as I was trying to hold back this exploding water and it wouldn’t turn off. Cox grabbed a plate to redirect the water and I went to grab the landlord. I'm pretty sure that guy does not like me. Hahaha! He had to go out on the street and turn the water off. After that got all figured out we found a stick and Cox carved it and we shoved it in the hole with a piece of plastic to try and plug it up. It was a long night to say the least. A guy came and fixed it yesterday and today.

Honduran Pila- used for obtaining water and doing laundry

While we were walking up Boulevard Morazán last Monday a guy came up to us and asked us to help him teach basketball in his gym class at a school since we are "gringos from Utah." We ended up being able to go and help out. It was super fun. We got to teach kids of all ages a little bit of what we know about basketball (well, mainly what Elder Cox knows because I am terrible at basketball). We talked to this gym teacher and it turns out he already is pretty familiar with Mormons and Mormon missionaries. We got to know him and asked if he would like to have the missionaries over to visit him again. He told us that he would like that so we got his info down for a reference.

Elder Cox teaches ball handling

Elder Dority demos his mad skills...

Defense Everyone!

On Saturday we had our last district meeting for the change. It's going to be hard to say good-bye to the gang. It was already super surprising that nobody in the district had changes last time, so at least one person has to get the boot this time around. It's been really cool to work so close with my leaders in the mission in this district. 

Elder Huber (Center/Back) and Elder Coeto (center front)

So this week we have a baptism planned for Saturday. We have two that are going to get baptized the same day. We kinda ran into a little snag during the weekend when both of them came down with Pink Eye. It's spreading like crazy here and it made its way to our investigators. We still plan on going through with the baptism, so hopefully they recover soon. 

This week I had the opportunity to go on splits for a couple of hours with my zone leader Elder Coeto while Elder Cox went with Elder Huber to do the baptismal interviews for our two investigators. It was a cool experience because we got to teach a lady who has been an investigator for quite a few months now, but hasn't been able to make ends meet for getting married. It hasn't been a super smooth process either because she hasn't had the support of her partner either. He hasn't ever wanted to talk with us, but we got the chance to meet him when we offered our investigator and her daughter a blessing for the Pink Eye they both had. His heart has softened since then and in the splits we got to teach him, the investigator and their daughter all together. It was really cool. The lessons always feel so much better when it's a family affair.

Well, that's pretty much it for this week. I hope you guys all have a great week and enjoy the changing seasons, because here it is still summer...

-Elder Dority

General Conference...enjoyed it! Loved it!

Monday, October 2, 2017

Week 64: ¿Qué te es difícil a tí? (What is difficult for you?)

How beautiful upon the mountains are the feet of him that bringeth good tidings, that publisheth peace; that bringeth good tidings of good, that publisheth salvation; that saith unto Zion, Thy God reigneth! -Isaiah 52:7

Hey everyone! This week was a super awesome week just because it was jam-packed with stuff! So starting off with a very fun day on Tuesday. I've had some difficulties with my feet lately and in particular my toes, so I had to make a fun trip to the doctor and get a little procedure done. I'm not fond of details, but NEEDLEss to say, it was doozy.

After that we got to have interviews with President Bush. Interviews is probably one of the things I look forward to most every change because it is an amazing opportunity to learn directly from one of Christ's authorized priesthood key-holding servants. He had asked us to come to the interview with our favorite Book of Mormon scripture and a way we could use it while contacting. I had chosen Alma 34:31-32. I like it so much because it talks about how we need to not harden our hearts and make today our day of repentance. That is such an important principle because repentance is one of our main purposes in this life.

On Wednesday we had to the opportunity to do splits with the APs. That is only possible because we are their district leaders. I am pretty sure that I got way more out of the splits than Elder Call (the elder that went with me) did, but we all learn from each other. It was a really cool experience for the both of us because these two are obviously some of the best missionaries in our mission. It was funny because Elder Call would always tell the people that I was his leader and I was capacitating him. It's technically true, but felt funny at the same time.

Conference was obviously a huge highlight from this week. We managed to get six investigators to attend General Conference, so I was super happy about that. My favorite talk was probably the talk by Elder Zwick. I like how he mentioned that we can think that we know how to help someone perfectly, but all the while we are missing something so big we don't even realize it. We sometimes just don't realize that everyone else has been living so many different experiences that we have no idea about and sometimes before we can help someone else we just need to ask them the golden question that Elder Zwick asked: "What is hard for you?" That talk hit it home for me.

Taking conference notes

Elder Dority's bird's eye view of conference...watching one of his Mom's favorite talks...

I am very grateful for the chance to be a missionary and I am so grateful for the priesthood leadership God has placed on the earth. I am grateful for the dedicated ministry of Elder Hales and for the continuing ministry of President Monson.

I would also like to just remind you guys to pray for the victims of the Las Vegas shooting.

"In the commotion of the world, trusting and obeying the words of the First Presidency and the Twelve Apostles is vital." -Elder Neil L. Anderson

Take care!
-Elder Dority


Zone Meeting

Graffiti in our area...angelic Elder Cox

Elder Dority #Unfiltered

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Week 63: No cualquier chavacán pudo escribir un libro así (Not just any old joker could write a book like this)

Writing in the Benque

Hey everyone!

I'd like to start off by saying that I am very grateful that all the missionaries in Puerto Rico are safe. Shout out to my friend Hermana Zimmerman for being such a trooper. 🏋

I also have to give a special shout out to my brother who is going to be turning seventeen on a day when he'll have so much time to go out and do everything he wants. Hahah!

So this past week has been a good and fruitful week. We have been working hard to regain the contact we lost with one of our best investigators. It's a mom who has done basically everything she needs for baptism; she just needs to get married. We had lost contact with her for a while and we've been worried about her. Thankfully we were able to find her this last week and see what has been up. She's been kinda discouraged because of all the difficulties with getting her married. We had to help her understand that leaving the church doesn't help with the problems and going back to church can only bring blessings. We need to bring in the help of the members there because we can only do so much in giving someone their "ánimo." (cheer up)

We have two investigators right now that are on track for baptism on the 14th of October. One of them has been more firm and already received his answer, but the other hadn't felt lately that he had received an answer. We were in a lesson with him this last Saturday and we taught the gospel of Christ. He understood the lesson well, but it didn't feel like we had finished it up. During the lesson we focused on using scriptures from the Book of Mormon. We asked him if he believed that the Book of Mormon was true. He then responded with a yes. A little surprised because he had never told us that before, we then asked if he believed Joseph was a true prophet. He then responded with another yes. We asked him how he had come to believe that. I like how he responded. He said, "No cualquier chavacán pudo escribir un libro así." Chavacán is a word here that is a title of someone who never takes anything seriously or is given to lying or pranking. He said that everything is the book was so clear. It was cool to hear this because lately our mission president has been making a push on using the Book of Mormon. The Book of Mormon is true!

Those are probably the biggest highlights from this week! Thank you everyone for supporting me in this process.

-Elder Dority

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Week 62: Viva Honduras!! (Long Live Honduras!!)

Coming in from the rain!!!

Hey everyone!! So this week has been a pretty fun and good week. I got quite a few opportunities to work with my zone leaders which is always great because my zone leaders are some of the best out there.

This week started out by actually receiving some help from one of our investigators. So the youth that I was talking about last week who is a relative of another investigator and it turns out he is super pilas. Well, we found out this week that he is even more pilas than we thought. He told us that he wanted to go out and visit with us and we were like, "Why the heck not?" So we took him to visit another investigator with us. We ended up teaching some family members this other investigator and they had asked about Joseph Smith and if we worship him and all that fun stuff. Our investigator who was accompanying us explained how we don't worship him and we only see him as a prophet. It was super cool.

On Wednesday the ZLs asked us to come over to their area to help them out for the day because one of them had to get an ingrown toenail fixed up and wouldn't be able to do much walking later on and they had some important appointments. I got the chance to leave and visit with Elder Coeto who is from Mexico. He's super funny and probably one of the best missionaries in our mission. It's always cool working with other missionaries you get to see how they teach and learn new methods of teaching.

On Friday we got to do our legit splits which actually last 24 hours and we get capacitated. This time I left with Elder Huber to go and visit. It was definitely a good learning experience. He talks to a lot of people on the street which is something I definitely need to get better at. We would spend quite a bit of time on the same street just talking to every person we came across. It was cool because it got him quite a few new investigators and lots of solid contacts. On Friday we also got to celebrate Honduran independence. The stake had a big activity where each ward made a stand for the different departamentos in Honduras and our ward had Santa Barbara! So that was fun.

One of Elder Dority's favorite areas

Long Live Honduras!!

Everything is going pretty good right now. The humidity is kinda nasty, but that's not new.
Tengan una semana MACIZA! (Have a SOLID week!)

-Elder Dority

Elder Huber...Elder Cox...Elder Coeto...and Elder Dority
Stake Activity celebrating Honduras Independence

Elders Huber and Dority  (Do I see a 5 o'clock shadow?)

Monday, September 11, 2017

Week 61: Hablar con todos (talk with everyone)

Our Trio

Hey everyone! So the mission had changes this last Wednesday, but our district didn't! Our entire district stayed the same! The ZLs are going to stay together for another change which will make three in total for them. I'm glad that I am going to be staying with Elder Cox. Everything is going really well with him right now and we've gotten into our groove.

So this week was kind of a fun one. On Tuesday we were invited to come to the church and leave with some of the new missionaries that just came in from the MTC in Guatemala. There weren't a ton of newbies, so Elder Cox and I left in a trio with a gringo from Utah! It was super fun re-living the first day in the field again like I got to do last change with the other gringo. That same day the USA selection team played against Honduras here in San Pedro Sula and it ended up in a tie; which was probably for the best because if the USA would've won everyone probably would've hated us and if the USA would've lost then everyone would've made fun of us. So it worked out nicely.
We also had the opportunity to be in a trio on Thursday. We were with Elder Ledesma, a missionary from the Dominican Republic who finished his mission, but couldn't go home because of the hurricane, so he got to hang out with us all day. It was fun taking him around because this area was one of his areas, so he actually helped us find some new investigators that he had taught.
So that was fun being with the newest and the oldest in the mission this week.

This week we also had the opportunity to do a fast with one of our investigators. He has been struggling with receiving and/or recognizing his answer as to whether this church is the true church, so we decided to do a fast with him. It went really well and all three of us did it. I know that the fast will help us, we just have to be a little patient when receiving answers.

We also have another investigator who is progressing really well. It's funny because he wasn't really an investigator until just barely. He is a relative of an investigator that we have been teaching for a couple of months. We have talked to him a little bit about the gospel, but not much. He went with us to the church tour we had, but we didn't follow up as well as we should have. One night, we were by his house and we just invited him to go eat baleadas with us. He accepted and on the way we started talking about God. It was a good conversation and this guy started talking about how he likes the things of God. We started teaching the lessons for real with him and he has already been completing the commitments and received an answer that this is the right path for him. It honestly shocked me a little how quick he progressed. It just goes to show that you need to talk with EVERYONE. Something I'm still trying to get better at. He's already accepted a baptismal date for the middle of October and fully intends on going through with it.

Well, that's it for this week. Thanks for all the support and pray for the people in the Caribbean and Mexico!

-Elder Dority

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Week 60: Enseñe Cuando Encuentre (Teach When You Find)

Well, another change has come and gone. This last change flew by insanely fast. Tonight is the night we receive "the call" and the ZLs will tell us who will stay and who will go. It's possible that I stay or that I go. That sounds really obvious, but things are kinda up in the air right now and we can't be certain on anything until we talk to the ZLs tonight.

This week flew by in and of it self. We had our last district meeting with the people we have right now because it's pretty much guarunteed that the ZL Elder Huber will be outta here. We had donuts and everyone signed the box.

So this week has been quite a good week for finding people. So Cox and I have this luck where we are contacting houses and nobody will come out for a while and then the people will pull up in their cars. It happens almost every time. We were looking for an inactive member one day and we were going around to different houses trying to identify the address when a guy pulled into his driveway that we were standing in. We started talking to him about how we were looking for a certain man and he pointed us in the right direction. We then got talking about how we were missionaries and he started asking questions. We ended up talking to this guy for about an hour on his driveway and he became really interested in the message. We set a return appointment and left him a pamphlet of the Restoration and a copy of the Book of Mormon. We went back on Saturday for the appointment and he had read the whole pamphlet and even part of the introduction to the Book of Mormon (which is almost unheard of with return appointments). He is super pilas and even accepted a baptismal date in the first lesson. It was a cool experience of talking to everyone and "teach when you find." I've come to notice that contacts turn out way better when you talk to people on the street than just knocking on doors.

Well, that's pretty much it from this week. Just a lot of finding that we had to do. We'll see how this next change goes!


-Elder Dority

Savoring the taste of the donuts, you can tell they are delicious because everyone has their eyes closed in deep thought.

Mmmm... Donuts... Again with the eyes closed.

Elder Dority's signature is much more legible than his Mom and Dad's!