Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Week 91: Consejos

Waiting... to renew Residency Card at the Immigration Office

Hey everyone! Another week gone here in Villanueva! Everything is going super good. This week we had quite a few things going on! Yeah, we had to get our residencies renewed. That took a fat minute because there were so many of us there. Even President and Sister Bush had to go and get theirs renewed which made me laugh.

We did splits this week with the district leader from Dos Caminos and his companion. It was super fun. I ended up going with an elder that I did splits with for a few hours while I was in San Pedro after a big conference. It was super cool because he gave the idea of doing counsels with our investigators to talk out their needs. We basically focus on asking questions and just listening to their answers. It was really cool. We helped this one guy understand why it is important to find out if God has a church and if the story of Joseph Smith is true. We obviously had already taught it, but we hadn't really understood his needs the first time. So the counsels went really well.

We also had a really cool experience Tuesday night. So we were looking for an investigator that we had met a few weeks ago. We had some hard to follow directions and we couldn't find the house. My comp, Elder Jordan, who is just a stud, was like, "we should say a prayer." So he said a prayer and tried calling him again and this time he answered and we were able to locate him. It was super cool.

This week we also have an investigator that came to church and is getting ready to get baptized on the 28th of this month. She is super cool. She hasn't missed a single sacrament meeting for like 3 months. She is just so patient and nice and it's great teaching her because she is just so humble. She's gone through a lot of challenges in her life but she trusts us a lot and is going through with it.

We're doing pretty good. Just beating the heat. It was super hot a few days ago but it rained last night and there's been overcast all day which was nice for the p-day activity. So I found out that the older lady in San Pedro that was going to get baptized with Elder Cox and I baptized! I also found out that AZ from that same area got baptized! I was super happy to hear that. I guess his baptism was a pretty big deal. Lots of people showed up to it. We have a big open house activity planned for the 12th of May that we hope will help people have a desire to come to church.

We also had a big multi-zone activity today. I got to see a lot of old friends. There were like 60 missionaries there. President and Sister Bush came too and provided a really good lunch. It was really fun and we got a picture with President Bush in regular clothes. Hahaha!

Thanks for all the support! Hasta luego!
Elder Dority

MLC- Mission Leadership Council (5 of these Elders have been previous companions)

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Week 90: Aún un lugar a la diestra de Dios (Even a place at the right hand of God)

Elder Dority and Elder Jordan

Hey everyone! So another week has come and gone. We are now in full motion with this new change. I'm really glad that I get to stay with Elder Jordan for another change. He's super fun and we work super hard together. 

So this week was really great. We went to San Pedro Sula on Friday to go to MLC. I walked in and started greeting people and I realized all of a sudden that Elder Hernandez was there! I kinda freaked out. Turns out that Elder Hernandez is in my old ward in San Pedro Sula, but this time he is a zone leader. What a cool guy. It made me laugh because I went from one of the biggest wards in the mission (San Pedro Sula) to one of the smallest branches (Copán Ruinas) and he want from one of the smallest branches to one of the biggest wards. Quite the change. 
This week we have a big multi-zone p-day activity with President Bush in Elder Cox's zone so that should be really fun and I'll get pictures there!

District Photo
Zone Photo

In MLC we talked a lot about how we need to follow the prophet's counsel and be ministers to the missionaries that we are in charge of. It was a super cool meeting. President Bush had us study one of the three conference talks given by the first presidency in the Sunday morning session of General Conference. We talked about how by small and simple things and being humble we can receive the revelation we need. It was super cool.

After that we had splits with the district leader in Las Flores. It went really well. Elder Jordan went with the district leader and I went with his companion who is in his training right now. It was so cool just to see all the fire of a new missionary and how they work.
So we have an investigator that is the young adult that came to church a few weeks ago. He really likes the church and lessons and is completing with most of the commitments. The only problem that we have had lately is that we haven't been able to teach his girlfriend. In this last lesson we had with him the girlfriend joined us! It was cool and we got to help clear up some doubts and she seems really receptive! 

We've also been having quite a bit of success finding some new investigators through a less active person we have been visiting. Every time we go there he has other friends over and we end up teaching them too. One of them is a dad who said that he has been wanting to go to church and so told us we can visit him and his family tomorrow! We are super excited.

I'm pretty sure it was this week... but finished the Book of Mormon in Spanish! That is the second time I have read it in Spanish, but this time went a lot more smoothly because the first time I did it I did not know nearly as much. It was really neat to be able to understand most of it. I just like the whole message of the book, that if we stay faithful to the Lord we will be okay. That's the general theme I felt this time. I 
liked how in the end I could just kinda feel how Moroni just wanted everyone to repent and to come unto Christ. I could tell he is sad from everything that happened to his nation and the Jaredites too. We were teaching a guy this week that said that he didn't believe that God was in a religion because of all the evil we see. We then read him the scripture that is found in Ether 12:4.

"Wherefore, whoso believeth in God might with surety hope for a better world, yea, even a place at the right hand of God, which hope cometh of faith, maketh an anchor to the souls of men, which would make them sure and steadfast, always abounding in good works, being led to glorify God."

Thanks for all the support!
Elder Dority

Picture of our room... at Mom's request. You're welcome Mom.

Monday, April 2, 2018

Week 89: Puro fuego esta conferencia (Pure fire this conference)

Holy cow so general conference just made me so excited to be a Mormon!! I don't even know where to begin. Holy Week was pretty cool. Pretty much everyone and their dog went to Tela, or Ceiba, or Trujillo except for the missionaries. We actually had a pretty good week though full of appointments and finding some really good new people. It was really nice to remember the Savior's sacrifice and more importantly His resurrection. It was nice because people just seemed a lot more open and friendly because of the season.

So yeah, conference was obviously the highlight of everyone's life yesterday and Saturday. The solemn assembly was so cool! It was cool to see all the individual organizations stand up and give their support to the new first presidency. Also we now have apostles of Asian and Latino heritage. What a neat opportunity to see how the church spreads across all nations. I was also super excited to hear about the new ministering and how there is no longer home teaching and visiting teaching. It kinda felt like a leave behind the Law of Moses and live the higher law. It was so cool to just hear the message that we need to just love one another and care about each other.

The fact that a temple was announced in Nicaragua was super cool. We were all hoping to hear a temple in San Pedro Sula, but we were equally happy for the people of Nicaragua. There was a missionary in the room watching it with us who is from Nicaragua. He was so happy when they announced it he started crying because it is their first temple. Now every country in Central America will have a temple (except for Belize, but I don't know if it's the same there). One day San Pedro Sula will be ready for a temple, right next to the Coca-Cola sign. Hahaha! That would be so cool.

So yeah, overall I would just like to say that I very proudly sustained Russell M. Nelson as the President of the church. He revealed all the cool stuff after the sustaining vote. You've got to support the prophets even before they reveal the will of the Lord, otherwise you will just see it as some man's idea of how to make an organization better. What a great conference!

One of my favorite things that President Nelson said that just kinda made me freak out was something to this effect, "the Lord will perform some of His mightiest works between now and when He comes again."

Thanks for everything! Follow the prophet. He knows the way!
Elder Dority

Baptismal Font Mirror Humor

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Week 88: Pascua ya mero (Easter already here)

Elder Dority's meager attempt to include a picture of himself this week... Hahaha!

Heyyyy!! So this week was kind of an action-packed week. It was super cool. On Thursday we had our zone conference! It was super fun. We had a lot to do in this conference, but it went well. President and Sister Bush came out and talked about the Doctrine of Christ. He talked about how if someone isn't completing their commitments maybe it's because they don't understand the Doctrine of Christ. It was cool. Elder Jordan and I did a workshop on how to contact using technology and made everyone little cards that look like an iPhone. It was fun.

How to Contact Using Technology...handout

So the kid I was talking about last week that we talked to in the pulpería CAME TO CHURCH THIS WEEK!!! We were just like, "whhaaaaaaaaaaaatttt???" It was so cool.

So yeah, this week Holy Week started and because Holy Week started it also means vacations started for everyone but the missionaries. It also means that all your investigators go to Ceiba for the week and lose all contact with you. Hahaha! Just kidding. We aren't going to lose contact with our investigators, but a lot are going to leave for la playa to swim and cool off. With Easter coming up though it is a great time to remember the sacrifice of our Savior, Jesus Christ. One thing that I have always liked though about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is that we remember the sacrifice of Jesus Christ every week as we partake of the sacrament; and how neat that in the Book of Mormon we find the precious sacramental prayers. The church is true guys.

On Friday I got to go do an interview for the elders in Brisas. It was super cool because this girl was a friend of someone who would invite her to seminary and now she is a super pilas member. It was cool to just see how much she loves the gospel and church and how her friend could help her find it.

Make sure you guys look up the video Because of Him and share the video and webpage with your friends! (More videos Because He LivesFollow Him)

Also I am super excited for general conference. What a great opportunity to sustain the new president of the church and the new apostles! Get ready! Prepárense!

Love ya tons!
Elder Dority

Monday, March 19, 2018

Week 87: St. Patrick's Day and Fathers' Day

Irish Boy... Sportin' His Green!!!

Hey everyone! Hard to think that another week has passed by. So today in Honduras it is officially Fathers' Day, so shout out to my dad, even though he isn't here in Honduras he still gets my thanks for being el mejor padre del mundo! (the best Father of the world!)

This week we also celebrated St. Patrick's Day. This year I didn't have to explain the whole deal about wearing green and all that fun stuff. Elder Jordan and I got to celebrate it together which was fun.

Nothing too crazy happened this week. It was kind of a struggle getting people to sacrament which was a bummer. We only had one show up. The family that showed up last week didn't show up this week because the dad had to go to work, but we're still really hopeful with them.

Right now we are teaching this kid that is in his early twenties. He is actually an interesting story. We had contacted him while we were on splits. We went to an appointment in a pulpería and this guy was sitting there too. We decided to take advantage of the moment and teach everyone there. This person at the time was the one who didn't agree with what was said and was kinda hard hearted, but that day I was on splits with a super good missionary from El Salvador that totally softened this guy's heart and took it very calmly. It went well and now he is the only one of all those people that is progressing and shows interest in the church. The other day he was telling us how he has liked everything and would like to go to church with us, but is nervous about how is family will respond because he has a sister that joined the church and she didn't receive a lot of support if you get what I am saying. Pray for this guy!

Elder Jordan joins St. Patrick's Day Green Team!!!

Everything is going good with Elder Jordan. He is a super great missionary and is a great example to me of how to be a good leader. This week we have zone conference so I am excited for that. Wish us luck!

Thanks for all of the support and love! Take care!
Elder Dority

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Week 86: Compramos Charras (We Bought Charras)

Charras and cattle... Villanueva Style!!!
Hey everyone! Another week come and gone here in Villanueva. I can't believe that we are already halfway through the change. I feel like I just got here.

This week went really well. It was our first full week as a normal companionship which was nice. We've been working hard to find some new pilas investigators that are ready to receive the restored gospel. We've actually been doing pretty well in that. One thing I have kinda noticed about this area is that we have a lot more investigators that are men than in other places. That's kinda nice because there is a smaller amount of priesthood holders usually and the church runs on priesthood. So we have been working hard on having guy investigators and reactivating some inactive priesthood holders. It's been going well.

Yesterday we had a family show up to church which was seriously such a tender mercy. In the morning on Sunday we were running all over the place trying to take people to church to no avail. It was kinda discouraging. We left at like 8:50am so we could take them to the meeting at 10:00 and that whole time nobody went with us. While we were out trying to take people one of the other elders from our ward called and said that there was a family from our area at the church waiting for us. We were just like, "Sí ombé!" which is kinda like, "yeah man!" I guess that could be the best translation that I would give it. It was so cool to have the mom, dad, and kids at church that day. We didn't even have to go get them and they live FAR from the church. Goes to show that when there is a will there is a way.

Today for p-day we had a waterballoon fight which was fun. Most the zone was there so it was good to just relax and get to know each other a little better.

Zone Conference P-day. Someone's about to get WET!!!
Nothing else too exciting from this week. We did buy some nice straw hats to help us beat the heat. It doesn't help a ton to stay cooler, but it does help us not burn our face. The hats are called "charras." They are super fun and there seem to be a lot more people that look our way when we walk on by. It's kinda funny. Usually people complement us or ask us if we are Mexican because the hats are pretty big. They are kinda needed when you have to walk out to a little neighborhood by the sugar cane fields and there aren't any trees to shade.

Elder Jordan sportin' his Charra

Two thumbs up for Charras and dog food...

Elder Jordan finds "peace" amongst the cattle?... Haha!

The Book is Blue and the Church is True!!!

Thanks for everything! Love you guys!
Elder Dority

Monday, March 5, 2018

Week 85: Los rapiditos nunca me aburren (The Rapiditos Never Bore Me)

Hey everyone! So this week was a super fun week. It's kinda funny because Elder Jordan and I had commented that we almost felt like we weren't companions because of all the splits we have been doing. Hahaha! So on Tuesday we had splits with the elders from Las Flores which went super great; On Wednesday we had splits with the APs which also went super great; and on Friday we had splits with the elders from Dos Caminos which was great as well. Hahaha! Doing splits with the assistants was fun because it meant that we had to go to their area in San Pedro Sula which I am somewhat familiar with due to my time in the city. It reminded me a lot of being in San Pedro Sula 2 and it made me kinda homesick for that area. Hahah! I would like to go back to that area again.

So on Friday we went to a meeting called MLC which is Mission Leadership Council... I believe. It was fun. All the zone leaders, the sister training leaders, the assistants to president, and President and Sister Bush meet up to talk about the mission's progress and fun stuff once a month. I got to see Elder Cox and Elder Deeble there which was cool. Elder Deeble is in the very famous Lopez Arellano which is right next to where I started. Lucky guy.

Things are going good here in the area. We hope to have at least one baptism this month. Elder Jordan and I are working really hard. Now that splits are done we can work together normal which is nice. So the zone Villanueva sits between Chamelecón and Potrerillos. It's kinda split in half by a highway. We are on the West side of the highway. Part of the area is in the more center/city-ish sector and part of the area is on the mountainside and in the cane fields. It's a fun area. It almost feels like a mix of old areas like San Pedro Sula 2 and La López 2. It's also really hot and it's only getting hotter each day.

So funny story. On our way back from MLC on Friday we had to get in a rapidito for travel. As everyone knows those things are a new experience every time. Traffic was super bad and our chaffeur decided to get up on the sidewalk to go around the traffic. It was funny because Elder Jordan put his head down cause he was tired and when he looked back up we were on the sidewalk and the look on his face made me laugh. Eventually it made its way back onto the road and all the cars started going into the lanes on the other side. That was kinda crazy. Hahaha! It was a crazy trip.

Rapidito...aka sidewalks are acceptable lane...vehicle

So spiritual stuff. President Bush talked a lot about having our investigators understand the doctrine of Christ. He said something really cool and then I wrote it down. He said, "It doesn't matter if we have twenty new investigators in a week if they don't understand the Doctrine of Christ." I liked that because as missionaries numbers are not the focus, the people are. It was really cool.

Well, thanks for all the help and support! Take care!
Elder Dority