Monday, January 22, 2018

Week 79: I'm pretty much a pro chef… cocineros catrachos!

Hey everyone! Another week has just flown by. I'm not really sure what happened with the week. It was super crazy.

So this week we do have at least one baptism planned! Hopefully everything goes well! We are teaching a lady that has gone through a lot of hard things in her life. I feel like a whimp compared to her because she has endured things a lot harder than I have. It's been so cool to see her repentance and how the Lord has helped her find peace in the midst of many difficulties she is having.

Lately Elder Hernandez and I have been trying out a technique for finding people. We decided that when something falls through and we aren't sure what to do we would contact the closest house. It has been so cool to see how the Lord has guided us to some very specially prepared people. Before, I would sometimes wonder why the Lord would inspire me to go to a certain house to visit a certain family if when I got there the family wasn't there or didn't want to receive us. I feel like I understand a little bit better that no revelation is unfruitful. With what we are doing now it seems like we find people left and right that have been prepared by the Lord. Sometimes the Lord has other purposes for inspiring us to do something that we don't realize. On Saturday night we had two appointments fall through. We were wondering what to do because we thought that we had already contacted every house in that part of the area and nobody wanted to listen to our message. We started leaving that neighborhood and we passed the last house leaving that neighborhood. We both realized we had never contacted this house. A lady came out and invited us in without us asking. We had come at the right time. She accepted a Book of Mormon and the baptismal challenge. It was so cool. That has happened to us quite a few times now because of how we are finding.

baleadas...homemade...sort of...

I'm pretty much a pro chef… cocineros catrachos!

This week Elder Hernandez and I made ourselves cocineros catrachos. We made baleadas. We may have had to buy the tortillas pre-made, but it was good. Basically everything was pre-made except the eggs, but it was fun to throw it all together in the house and pretend to be the ladies that sell baleadas in the streets in San Pedro.

Click here for video Elder Dority the Baleadas Chef
Click here for video Elder Hernandez Baleadas Chef

Thanks for all the love and support! Adiós!

-Elder Dority

Excerpts from email to Mom:

Good to hear that Utah actually got some snow! I've heard it's been kinda bare lately. It has been chilly here. I bought my own chumpa and sweatpants because I couldn't endure the mornings! Hahah! The sun came out today and it was kinda hot, but apparently another cold front is supposed to come in today. Hopefully not. I haven't been a huge fan of the cold.

So the Christmas package... It did come in the bus for transfers, but it stayed on the bus a little too long. Right now my package is sitting in the elders' house in Santa Rosa. I think I am going to receive it in the zone conference in February. Oh well. Hahaha!

Mom Reply:

Oh boy! Can believe you still didn’t get your package! Guess it will be a “Valentine” package instead. Maybe you can wear the Christmas ties for “April Fools!!!”

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Week 78: ¡Soy Élder! (I am Elder!)

Copan Zone Conference

New ties for all the Elders. President and Hermana Bush's stake and one in Florida sent over 300 ties

Hey everyone! So I have stayed for another change in Copán Ruinas! I am so excited for the time that has been given to me here. I have really come to grow and love the people and culture of Copán! So this week has been a good week! Elder Hernandez and I were excited to stay together because things are going well here and the wheels are starting to turn. Lately we have been focusing a lot on using the Book of Mormon to help in the conversion of people. We had an appointment with an investigator the other day whom we had felt had not really been progressing. When we arrived we asked her if she had been reading. She had told us yes and then said she was going to bring her copy of the Book of Mormon. She showed us that she had marked some verses in 2 Nephi 31 that she liked. One of them was verse 5 when Nephi tells us that if Christ had a need to be baptized then how much greater is our need to be baptized. It kinda helped us realize that we need to more carefully consider passages we leave our investigators. We had downloaded a video the church made of a Jamaican man who shares his testimony of the Book of Mormon. He talks about how there were some verses in particular that touched him. We have used that video a couple times to help people understand that the Book of Mormon can help them receive a stronger testimony of Christ. It's helped quite a bit.

We have two investigators progressing towards baptism on the 27th of this month. I have a lot of hope that it will go through that day!

So on Saturday I completed 18 months in the mission which means I am no longer a sister missionary. Hahaha! I burned a pair of pants yesterday that I had been lugging around since my first area. They were kinda trashed up so I kept them just to burn them. Haha! Time sure has flown by though. I'm not really sure what I think about it. It's really weird. It's like waking up from a dream, or from being unconscious, or something like that. I don't know.

I would just like to share my testimony of the power of the Book of Mormon. I remember that an important moment in gaining my own testimony of it was in seminary when I read Alma 24. I don't know why, but for some reason it touched me. Ever since then I have seen the book in a different light. I am very grateful for it in my life. Thank you so much for your support!

-Elder Dority

Mom note: Photos were posted by Sister Bush on the Mission Facebook page. Elder Dority was unable to send photos this week. He promised to send them next week instead. I threatened to post another loving Mother/Son absence of pictures... but luckily Sister Bush spared him the embarrassment. Due to the unrest in Honduras and the distance he is from the mission office, he hasn't received his Christmas package yet. When I asked him about it on Monday, he said "I have not gotten my package yet. I imagine that I will get it tomorrow when I go on splits with the ZLs. We'll be heading to La Entrada tomorrow to do splits so I imagine that they are going to ask me to live the law of consecration. Hahaha!" Sounds like everyone will be looking forward to him getting his package!


Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Week 77: El Estandarte de la Libertad (The Banner of Freedom)

Mayan Indian Ruins- Copan Ruinas

Tunnels under the ruins- Looked forward to seeing these underground tunnels
Hey everyone! So the change has officially come to an end! I have no idea where it went. My time with Elder Hernandez has been really great. I have enjoyed every day of the change. Tonight we will find out if anyone in our district has changed. I think our companionship will stay how it is.

It's gotten pretty chilly lately. Today it got hot again, but for the past few days it's been consistently cold and I've had to break out the sweater. I can actually make hot chocolate and enjoy it in the morning because I felt like it was so cold. Hahaha!

So this week was a fun week. One of the highlights was that we got to deliver the clothes and toys we collected in our Light the World event to the organization Casita Copán! It was fun to see the kids all happy and we got to see them burst open a piñata and play some games with them. It was cool.

Delivering Light of the World Presents

The missionary work is going good right now. We have two people with a baptismal date for the end of the month. One of them is defintely more sure than the other. We have been working hard to find lots of new people too. For two nights in a row we start to get close to the time when we need to head to the house and we aren't sure what to do and we decide to contact the first house by us and they both let us in! It was cool because the first time we had come back for a follow up on a contact and the husband of the lady
that invited us back didn't want us there, so we left kinda discouraged, but in the next house the first thing they told us to do was enter their home. Perseverence.

This week I got to try atol dulce. It was yummy. It is another corn based drink. Don't ask me how they make it. It's kinda like a creamy, milky drink that somehow is made from corn and they put cinnamon in it. I really liked it. Nice for those chilly days.

Personal studies are good. I have officially entered the everlasting war chapters of Alma. It's always interesting to think about why a prophet would want to talk about so much war that happened. One kinda comes to realize that it's pretty symbolic of our war with Satan. I also like when Captain Moroni establishes the Standard of Liberty. The Book of Mormon teaches that it's not wrong to stand up for a good cause. I admire the courage of Captain Moroni and how he didn't look to be favorable in the eyes of the people, rather in the eyes of God and that's why he came out on top at the end of the day.

Thanks for all the support! I really do love it here in Honduras! We went to the ruins today! Lots of crazy pictures from that!

Thanks again!
Elder Dority

Here are a few more pictures from the Mayan Ruins. What a great place to spend the day!!!

Monday, January 1, 2018

Week 76: Hola 2018!!

Banana Plantation

 Hey guys!

So this week was definitely a notable one. Happy new year to everyone! I didn't stay up to celebrate at 12:00 the New Year, but I did get to eat some yummy food! Tamales were a must, but I also got to try something new. So there is a drink called ponche. It's kinda like fruit salad, but a lot more juice and the pieces are really small and they sometimes warm it up like hot chocolate. I have a picture of a dinner I ate with my little cup of ponche. It was super good!

So here is a pretty cool experience that Elder Hernandez and I had. So a few weeks ago we were walking down the street and a guy who was drunk came up to us and started talking to us. He started talking about how he wanted to change and better his relationship with God and stuff like that. He said he wanted us to visit him so we took down his info and left him a pamphlet. Last week we were wondering what to do and Elder Hernandez had the idea of finding this guy's house. We went a looking and sure enough we found him. He was sober when we found him and we decided to teach him with his older sister who is blind. Turns out, the two are SUUUUPERRR pilas, especially the sister. The two of them said they would go to church with us the following day. We came by and the sister was ready. The brother wasn't there, but we still took the sister to church. She really liked it and said she would go next week. We taught her during the week and emphasized praying to know if the church was true. Yesterday she was ready to go to church again when we passed by. She stayed for all three hours and volunteered to help in chapel cleaning. After the meetings we were waiting for a mototaxi to take us to her house. I was making some phone calls and Elder Hernandez was talking to her. She said, "hey, Elder. I prayed to know if this church is true and God answered me and said I should be baptized again in this church." Super pilas! She asked Elder Hernandez to put a baptismal date right there! She's so cool! Elder Hernandez said we would pass by during the week to fix the date! Whoo! Qué macizo!

We also had a multi-zone conference this week. I had to say goodbye to a lot of awesome missionaries. It was sad, but they are studs and I'll probably see them again soon. I also had splits after the zone conference with my zone leaders. That was cool too.

The first counselor's daughter got baptized but we had a heck of a time filling the font because the well wasn't full so the pressure was really low. So we had to haul it out of there and fill it with a bucket. Good times.

Excited for her baptism

One bucket at a time...

How many buckets does it take to fill a baptismal font?...

Elder Hernandez...the above ground guy.

Elder Hernandez and 1st Counselor and father of child being baptized

Well, that's it for this week! Thanks for all of your support!
-Elder Dority