Thursday, July 28, 2016

"Los Mormones!!!" Guatemala CCM

Elder Dority (second row, third from the left,  stylish yellow tie)

Track team-mate and friend, Elder Bailey (second row, far left, glasses)

Sisters at the CCM

Elder Dority's dad served his mission in the Venezuela Maracaibo mission. Every time we're out driving around and see the missionaries on the street, his dad calls out..."Los Mormones!!!" When we received this photo from Elder Dority, I asked our daughter what I should title the blog entry. She said "Los Momones! of course!" So there you have it. The official title of this entry.

The translation 

It's so great to see a picture of Elder Dority looking healthy and happy at the CCM. Although he's been able to take pictures while he's there, he won't be able to download them until after his arrival in Honduras. Thank goodness for group photos and email!

We love you, Elder Dority! Keep up the good work!!!

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Week 2: "Estoy Agradicido"

Guatemala CCM
This week has been a game changer as far as it goes in the CCM! It has definitely gone by much faster than last week. A lot has happened that I am excited to talk about con uds. (with you all) Spanish is seriously such a fun language. We work hard to make sure we understand it and can listen to it. I get more and more comfortable using it every day. That is thanks to some pretty great teachers.


I have a lot of teachers that come in and out for various reasons. One of my maestras (teachers) just got married in the Guatemala Temple right down the street! Some of us in the District considered ditching and going to the temple and doing some wedding crashing, but there is a giant fence that circles that whole CCM so that wasn´t really a possibility. Another teacher of mine with the name Hermano Vasquez disappeared for a couple of days because he got Dengue Fever which is mosquito born. That was an interesting day. All the Latinos were joking about him dying and all the gringos had no idea what to think about the situation. He is perfectly fine now though.

One of the biggest lessons I learned this week is that we are here to teach people and NOT lessons! Elder Deeble and I had been focusing a lot on just teaching doctrine and what not and it really hadn´t stuck with the investigators. We got a new investigator named "Marcela" and with our 2nd lesson, Elder Deeble and I decided to teach as best as we could with the spirit. We went in guns-a-blazing not knowing what we would be teaching... It was our most powerful message yet to any person. The spirit was so strong in that room that both of us Elders and "Marcela" started to tear up (not as tough as I seem). I had been really worried that few days preceding the lesson that I wasn´t capable of teaching with the spirit, so that night I prayed to God, our Heavenly Father, for help. Well we sure got it.

This week I also learned a lot about having a testimony. The truth is always out there in everything we do. The truth about who had the last pop-tart, the truth about who is the best basketball player, etc. The truth of what is truly the complete gospel of Jesus Christ is a real thing. Just because you may not know exactly who took the last pop-tart does not mean it

wasn't taken. Nobody is ever going to have a perfect knowledge in this life, but I can testify that the gospel of Jesus Christ has been restored. It was restored to its complete identity through a man by the name of Joseph Smith. We all have doubts and questions, but I promise that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the true church. I would never leave my family for two years to live in San Pedro Sula if I did not know with all of my heart that what I was preaching was 100% true. God will never lead you astray, so when you want to know what the truth is: simply ask the person who will know.

Now for some of the more fun stuff that has happened. Last P-day after I emailed we got the chance to walk to a little grocery store that was underground. I got some Tortrix which are essentially Central American Fritos. Everything here is about 1/4 the price of the same item in America. It´s fantastic. I also finally got my scripture tab system finished so I can easily get to my favorite scripture for each of the gospel principles. My birthday was pretty great. I got sung to in front of everyone in the cafeteria. Not an experience I want again.

Elder Dority's "Happy Birthday" song...imagine that one!

Be grateful for what you have! I know I am grateful (Estoy Agradicido) for all that I have. The people down here are so humble and grateful for all that God has blessed them with! We should do the same!

Elder Dority (The Wall - The nickname I received in volleyball)

Where the magic of the is made...

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Week 1: "El Chico Hongo"

Greetings from Guatemala!!! I am having a blast at the CCM in Guatemala City. It is absolutely beautiful here. Flying in we flew right past a volcano. Rolling clouds and green hills covered in green as far as the eye can see. There are tons of mountains and the scene is beautiful. It is humid, but I adjusted very quickly.

We have been doing a lot these past couple of days. We have a pretend investigator that we teach almost every day. His name is German. My companions name is Elder Deeble. We teach together really well and we get along really well. Our district works very cohesively and we can bring the spirit to any situation.

The CCM and Guatemala are pretty different from life back home. We probably here around three or four sirens a day, whether they be police, ambulance, who knows...? Walking back from the temple today (which was amazingly beautiful) there was some security guy in front of a gas station. He had a big double barrel shotgun strapped around his shoulder. My companion leaned over and whispered "don't mess." Haha!

We have also had some weird food. The most interesting meal I have had thus far would have to be the 2nd day breakfast. We had black beans with sliced hot dogs, a roll, and a fried banana. I ate it, but it definitely not something I would recommend for Grandma's Christmas Breakfast!

Spanish is coming along pretty well for me. We have been working really hard to speak it when possible. Our lessons that we give to "German" are in complete Spanish. We´ve made some pretty gringo mistakes, of which are too embarrassing to tell, but nevertheless we find a way to teach with the spirit. Last night we gave probably our best lesson. It was about his baptism (which we committed him to do), receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost, and enduring to the end. In the first two lessons we pretty much just read straight off of our notes, but in this lesson we said what we felt he needed to hear and it went great. He would ask questions that we hadn´t prepared for and we could answer with what we know.

Elder Bailey, Elder Dority, Elder Olsen and Elder Deeble (1st Companion)
Picture taken at SLC Airport prior to departure

Sunday was easily the most spiritual day thus far. For me, I have a hard time comprehending what people tell me in Spanish, even if I know the words. We went into Sacrament meeting and people were going to be speaking, but only in Spanish (it feels a bit like Hunger Games because the president chooses people randomly at the meeting and you have to come prepared). One Latino sister was speaking and I couldn't fully understand her. She started to bear her testimony and I could feel the spirit so strong. All of a sudden I could understand exactly what she was saying. She was still speaking extremely fast, yet I could all of a sudden pick out every word and understand what she said. It was 100% the gift of tongues because I had finally connected with the spirit enough to receive that gift for that moment.

Now for something funny. The title of this week´s message comes from a little nickname you are dubbed if you pull a very gringo move. Here, you are supposed to wear sandals in the showers because you don´t want to get nasty feet later. If you do end up forgetting, you could be dubbed "El Chico Hongo" which means “fungus boy.”

Salutations from Elder Dority in Guatemala!

July 12, 2016 Departure: "Adios Elder Dority!!!"

Ian and Braedon after "Waffle Breakfast!"

1st picture of our "short-sleeved" missionary.
Goodbyes to Ginger...the one he'll probably miss the most!
Best marking tag ever!

Packing the Rav
Grandma Dority and Elder Dority
Bits of advice and love from Grandma Dority

Dority Family at Oquirrh Mountain Temple

Three Amigos!!!

Momma's Boy...oh how she loves him!!!
Long walk to the terminal
"Are we there yet?"
Ticket please...

Elder Bailey and Elder Dority...checking in.

Dority Family at the Airport

Elder Baily, Elder Dority, Elder Olsen, Elder Deeble (Braedon's 1st companion in the CCM)

Missionary Mommas: Sister Deeble, Sister Dority and Sister Olsen

Ready or we go!

FaceTime with Quin! Great to have him with us that day!

Brotherly love! Short but sweet! 

Proud Papa

Three Amigos say goodbye for a time

Nothing like sisterly love...broke her heart!

Elder Bailey and Elder Dority making the brave face! See you in 2 years!!!

Buddies on the track...and in the mission field.

Last farewell wave...

Elder Dority's plane as it flew over our home on the way to LA.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

"And It Shall Be Given Unto You": Becoming Elder Dority

Newly set apart-Elder Dority

On the evening of July 11, 2016 Braedon was set apart as an Elder for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Once set apart as a missionary, you are not supposed to watch, read, or listen to anything that will detract from the Spirit. So beginning the day before and into that next afternoon, Braedon crammed a whole season of "Survivor" into 24 hours with his sister, Erin. It was quite a marathon, but they did it!

The walk to the church for the setting apart seemed like one of the longest walks we've ever taken as a family. Honesty, it took the same amount of time as it always does (to the end of our cult-a-sac and turn left and you're there)...but it felt as though it took much longer. We all knew that things would be different, in a good way of course, when we returned home.

We met in the Relief Society room of our Stake Center and were greeted by President Hermansen, President Isaac and Bishop Seager. We were also blessed to have a few family members (Robert and Ian Dority, Zach and Mary Dority, and Grandma Dority) there as well.

President Isaac conducted the meeting. He had great insight and advice, which he shared with Braedon. As he then addressed Braedon’s Grandma Dority, she stood up and proceeded to share one of the most tender prayers we as a family have ever heard. The spirit she brought with that prayer was overwhelming. Grandma Dority has been a rock in the lives of our family, during some very difficult times...and especially during the recent loss of our beloved Grandpa Dority. This was an unexpected, but meant to be moment. Braedon holds his grandma very near and dear to him, as do we all…so we are so grateful that he has such a sweet memory for him to reflect on while he's away from her.

President Hermansen followed her opening prayer and commented on how much he loved our family. He said that he knows that our Grandpa Dority will be accompanying Braedon in spirit as he serves his mission in Honduras. President Hermansen then showed us his tie. He said he had specifically worn it that evening in honor of Grandpa. It was a New Zealand tie. New Zealand ties were the main staple of Grandpa’s church wardrobe. (All of his ties were New Zealand ties from the time he served his mission there many years ago.) It definitely brought a piece of Grandpa to this special event, and we continued to feel him near us through the remainder of the meeting. All present, felt he was blessed to have been able to be there in spirit and participate in Braedon's being set apart as a missionary.

Bishop Seagar then gave a few remarks. He shared several scriptures found in the Doctrine & Covenants, section 100. The verses were part of a revelation, given to Joseph Smith, promising Sidney Rigdon and Joseph that while they were away, their families would be safe. It also admonished them to share the gospel and “speak the thoughts that I shall put into your hearts, and you shall not be confounded before men. For it shall be given you in the very hour, yea, in the very moment, what ye shall say.” and finally, “let your hearts be comforted; for all things shall work together for good to them that walk uprightly, and to the sanctification of the church. For I will raise up unto myself a pure people that will serve me in righteousness.” The entire 100th section is filled with great blessings and promises, especially comforting and instructive for missionaries and their families. (Good read for all perspective missionaries/families)

The time then came for Braedon to be set apart. President Knudsen and his wife Margie were out of town and unable to be there. so we were honored to have President Isaac stand in his stead. He did a wonderful job and said things that were a great blessing and council...things we all needed and were grateful to hear. We knew without a doubt, that Braedon was ready to go to serve and that he would be blessed with safety and protection. Thank yous were said and sweet embraces were given.
At home, Elder Dority’s parents bore testimony of this gospel, The Plan of Salvation and how families can be forever. They spoke of how proud they were of Braedon and his decision to serve. Connor, his younger brother, shared how proud he was of Braedon and that he was so grateful for his example. Erin, his sister, was overcome by so many emotions and feelings at the time, that she could only share how proud she was of him and then cry. Our family bond grew even stronger and we all felt so grateful for Braedon’s endless love.

Ian, Elder Dority’s cousin, has impeccable timing. He arrived at our home just as we were bringing things to a close. We told him what was going on, and teased him that it was his turn to share something as well. Ian didn’t flinch. He boldly bore his testimony and told Braedon how much he loved and appreciated him. Ian will be a fantastic missionary. We are so excited for him! These two young men have prepared to serve and are so ready to go spread the gospel. We are beyond grateful for their great strength and courage.
~written by Mom and Erin

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Temple Day; June 25, 2016

Elder Dority has been blessed to have a best friend for most of his life, Ian Dority. I say "most of his life," because when they were very young...they weren't' the best of friends. They were more like the fighting cousins! There wasn't a family gathering that went on in those early years that didn't end up in some sort of battle...and yes, many tears were shed.

Now all these years later, these two have grown up to be very close! This friendship has been a great source of support and produced many years of great fun! How thrilled we all were when they both began making preparations to submit their papers to serve full-time missions for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

The months passed and the calls came... Braedon to Honduras and Ian to Roseville California Mission. Plans progressed and preparations were made for them to attend the temple. They decided to make a special day of it and go through the temple together. What a great day for all those involved!

Thanks for all those who came out to support these two. We were blessed to have many family and friends, traveling from Vernal and also here at home. Much gratitude was in our hearts that Grandma Dority was feeling well enough to attend...and many felt the influence and love of Grandpa Dority who had recently passed away. (We're sure that Grandpa Dority put in a special request to be a "fly on the wall" on that day.)

Braedon and Ian Dority

Braedon and Ian Dority..."picture showing their shoes"...just for you, Grandpa Dority

Grandma Sandy, Shandi (aunt), Duane (uncle), Brenda (aunt), Mom, Connor (brother), Braedon, Dad, Erin (sister), Quin (brother-in-law)

Our family

Missionary Photos

Bright sunny day at the Oquirrh Mountain Temple, in South Jordan, UT. Braedon looking forward to serving the wonderful people in Honduras.

We took pictures on the steps with his new scriptures and shoes...we'll see how they look in two years!

  • Photos courtesy of Kim Golder Photography.