Monday, December 26, 2016

Week 24: Tuvimos Nuestro Navidad Blanca

Feliz Navidad and a feliz año nuevo to everyone. I hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas. The Christmas that I had is definitely one to remember. To start off we had the baptism that we were hoping for! "We got our white Christmas!" We had a nice little baptismal service for our investigator on Saturday. It went really well. Elder Demera baptized him and I confirmed him yesterday in Sacrament meeting.

Baptism on the 24th!

After the baptismal service on Saturday we started our many dinner appointments we were invited to. Everyone makes tamales for Christmas here. Everyone house we went to we were given a tamal. I had to limit myself to one at each house because we were invited to like four dinner appointments. All day and into the night the people were lighting off fireworks. Except here their fireworks consist of poppers and hand-made explosives that destroy your ears. Hahaha! So that was fun. The highlight of my Christmas was obviously the video call with the family. It was good to see them and talk to them practically face-to-face. 

I am definitely excited to see what 2017 has in store for us. I have a feeling that this upcoming year is going to pass by fast. We have transfers on Wednesday and I think I will be changed to another area. We won't find out until tonight who exactly is going to have transfers, so we'll see. If I go I will definitely be sad to say goodbye to a ward who has really fellowshipped me and raised me well. 

View of La Lopez

That's it from La Lopez 2 for this week. Just waiting for the New Year!
-Elder Dority

Elders Dority and Demera... "Final Frontier" Selfie

El Lozano- The Final Frontier (of our area)

The following pictures were taken at a Multi-zone Christmas Conference. Photos were provided by Sister Bush. Thank you!!!

Learning about Teamwork- Elders Dority and Demera

Mission Accomplish- A fine house!

Sending Christmas Smiles

Let the Games Begin!!!

Christmas Luncheon

Alway time for luncheon selfies!!!

Choloma Zone Christmas Photo

*Mom Note: We had a wonderful video call on Christmas afternoon. Elder Dority looked and sounded amazing! We all remarked about how happy he was and the big dimples smile that was ever present on his face! He already has quite the accent and his Spanish is coming right along. Best Christmas present ever!!! We love you Elder Dority!!!

Monday, December 19, 2016

Week 23: Estoy Soñando de una Navidad Blanca (I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas)

White Christmas in Honduras...beautiful baptism!!!

The countdown to Christmas is officially on. I've found out on the mission the secret to passing time is working hard. This change and the last change with Dickson have gone by fast because I have been focusing more of my efforts and thoughts into the work. I've got to not slack off because I sure want Christmas to come fast!

We had a baptism this last Saturday that went super well! I had the honor of performing the baptism which was awesome. Elder Demera confirmed her a member of the church. Her name is J_____ and she is 13 years old. She was actually a reference from some of the ward members. One day a bunch of people came up to us and told us that they had a reference for us. They said there was a girl who has been attending church a bunch of times but they didn't know until that point that she wasn't baptized. She lives with her aunt and cousin (cousin is a member). She received the lessons really well and gained a testimony of the church and Joseph Smith really fast. She bore a super awesome testimony at the baptism about how she knows this church is the true church and that she feels clean of her sins. She is very nice and tender-hearted. My favorite part about the baptism was listening to her testimony that she shared after about how clean she felt and how she knew that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the only true church of the face of the earth. That was a tender moment for me and probably the most spiritual experience with her for me.

This Saturday we have a baptism planned which I am really excited for. This is the "white Christmas" that I am dreaming about. His name is H_____ and he is fifteen years-old. How we found him is actually a pretty interesting story. It's really thanks to Elder Demera that we have been able to teach him. One day he said he wanted to contact on a certain street. We went and tried to contact every house on the street. Every house either didn't want anything or nobody was home. We were sitting down after because Elder Demera's back was hurting, when a teenage kid came running up the street to his house. Elder Demera called him and asked if he could give him a pamphlet of the Restoration. The kid said yes and said we were welcome to come back another day. About three or four days later Elder Demera told me that he wanted to go back to see him. When we went back, he was there and told us that he had read the pamphlet. We taught him the Restoration and he received it really well. He accepted an invitation to go to church the following Sunday. At church, I tried to send him off to the class with the other youth for Sunday school, so he could meet the other youth of the ward. The first councilor saw him in the hallway and sent him to the adult Gospel Principals class. In that class Elder Martinez talked about the true order of baptism. He told us he would like to be baptized. After many lessons he will be baptized this Saturday. He is super cool and he has a testimony of the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon and of Joseph Smith.

It's kinda weird right now. I don't feel like its December or Christmas time because it is still really hot here and everything is still incredibly green. I am looking forward to the Honduran version of celebrating Christmas. Everyone eats tamales and sandwiches and lights off fireworks which will be really fun. We did a gift exchange with the missionaries today for p-day which was fun.

Everything is still going good here in Honduras. I'm loving the work and the people. I am not sure if I will be leaving this area with this upcoming change. We have changes on the 28th of this month which is a super weird date for changes. It's kinda up in the air right now as to whether I will be going or not. If I go I will be super sad because I have really grown to love the people of La Lopez 2. It's crazy how people you have never met before can become some of your best friends in so little time.

That's the main report this week from Honduras. Hope you guys aren't freezing to death. I am melting over here. I do not know how anyone can live in this heat!

Have an awesome Christmas everyone!
-Elder Dority

Monday, December 12, 2016

Week 22: Solo Otro Día en Honduras

You said I could send a picture of my shoes if I didn't have any other photos! Haha!

Time is running faster than I can right now and I do not know what I will do about that. Time is slipping through my hands. Elder Demera and I are working hard to make some baptisms happen this month. We have one planned for this Saturday and another planned for Christmas Eve! I am super excited for those! There is also a couple we are trying to help get married so they can be baptized before the end of the month. We could have four this month if things keep going well.

Tomorrow I complete five months in the mission which is crazy to me. It's so weird to think that I have been in Central America for five months. It's weird to think that there is snow in Utah. The latinos like to ask me about the snow.

In the Book of Mormon, I just read the story of Ammon among the Lamanites and King Lamoni. That is one of my favorite stories in the scriptures. I hope I can have an influence like Ammon. Hahaha! Not sure if I want to see my investigators drop to the ground like they are dead, but that could be fun! Hahaha! The Book of Mormon becomes more and more interesting the more I read it. It's so rich with history and it's crazy to think that it all happened here in the Americas! 

Ammon teaches King Lamoni

So yesterday Demera and I had a pretty fun time with a drunk guy on the street. We were walking to dinner in the other area in our ward. A guy who apparently is a member stopped us and told us he wanted to talk to us. He had us sing a song with him in the rain which was fun. Not sure what it is in English. In Spanish it's called "En el Pueblo de Sión. (In Our Lovely Deseret)

Another guy came over who was also drunk and started arguing about how coffee isn't bad. So Demera and I were sitting there between two drunk guys arguing about coffee under a palm tree in the rain. "Just another day in Honduras." Hahaha!

Well, that's it from Honduras this week. Next week will be better with the baptism! ¡Nos vemos!

-Elder Dority

The chips here have little plastic tokens, and right now they are of the Justice League, so naturally I have to collect all 100.

Chillin' in the Apartment

Mom's Note: I laughed as I looked up the words to the song "In Our Lovely Deseret" and found this link on youtube. I can just picture Elders Dority and Demera sitting between these two men, singing away! It's an older song, directed mostly at the children in the church. Elder Dority's grandma says she remembers her mother singing it to her as a child. The words are amusing when you consider their circumstances! Much of it is to do with not partaking of alcohol, tobacco or tea..also known in the church as "The Word of Wisdom."  The first 1:15 minutes of the song will give you an idea of what the intoxicated (probably member) man and two elders were singing about. I love his great attitude and willingness to serve. We can't wait to talk to him on Christmas Day!
(Here's the link)   "In Our Lovely Deseret"  

Monday, December 5, 2016

Week 21: Encontrar Personas Preparadas Mediante el Servicio

¡La Playa! (The Beach!)

Wow what a great week in Honduras! I am really starting to get the hang of things here in La Lopez 2. The sad thing is I will most likely leave this area at the end of the month and that will be hard. My Spanish is finally to a point where I don't make a fool of myself everywhere I go and I know the culture well enough that I am not shocked at everything that goes on around here. Hahaha!
I am not sure what happened with the cloudy/rainy weather we had for a few weeks, but that thing left. It is back on with the heat which is super weird because I'm used to having snow in the month of December.

The work of the Lord is coming along really well here. We have a lot of super prepared investigators. Elder Dickson and I worked hard; Elder Demera and I are working hard; and things are finally starting to come together for our efforts. This week in church we had 6 investigators there which was a huge blessing. We are really trying to work to make a lot of baptisms happen before the month finishes up to help the ward reach its goal of having 30 baptisms for the year. They are at 23 right now, so between us and the other companionship I have high hopes that we can make it happen.
So a really cool thing that happened with this week was with one of our investigators. One day, about a week and a half ago, my companion Elder Demera said we should contact all the houses on one street that I had never been to before. We did it. We went to every house and either nobody was home or they said "no." Every one. We were sitting on the side of the road when a kid of about 15 years ran up to his house on this street. We asked if we could give him a pamphlet and pass by another day. He said yes. We taught this kid and he went to church with us this last Sunday.

Elder Martinez taught a lesson on baptism in the gospel principles class which he attended. He talked about how we have to follow the example of Christ with our baptism and be baptized by immersion by someone who has the Priesthood Authority. After the class, this kid was sitting in another room reading the Book of Mormon. Elder Demera asked him if he had a question or doubt. He told Elder Demera, "When I was baptized, they just sprinkled water on my head. Is that alright?" Elder Demera asked him, "What do you think?" And he replied, "No." Wow. What a miracle. We spend all day trying to tell people the reason they need to be baptized again and they usually don't get it, but this kid has been prepared and he is progressing amazingly right now.

God has prepared people and I challenge you guys to "find prepared people through service" this month. December is a great month to get out and lift some spirits. And people are prepared.
That's it from La Lopez this month. Feliz Navidad to all!

-Elder Dority

A Christmas Video from #LightTheWorld

Feliz Navidad to All!!!

Star Fish!!!
Youth we love to teach!!!
Family Home Evening in Honduras