Friday, December 29, 2017

Week 75: Feliz Navidad!!

Wrist Flipping Finger Snapping means you like something or are happy about something

Whistling technique use to hail down a ride...

Hey everyone!
So this week has been a pretty special week, what with Christmas and
all that good stuff.
This week we pulled it off. We had our Light the World event here in
Copan Ruinas. It was super fun. We had a show with music, beat-boxing,
and stuff like that. We collected some donations also. It was fun and
we met lots of people that have interest in listening to us. We put
quite a few hours into the event, but it was worth it.
Christmas Eve here is called the Noche Buena and for the Noche Buena
we ate lots of tamales. A tamal is this food that is made of from a
type of liquid dough. They make the "masa" and cook it in palm leaves.
It comes with chicken and some vegetables inside. It´s pretty yummy.
Today was great because we got to talk to the family once more. It´s
good to see that everyone is doing good there.
Everything is going good right now. My comp, Elder Hernandez is super
funny and we are always laughing about something. We are working hard
and enjoying the time. We finally have someone who accepted a
baptismal date. It´s for the end of January, so hopefully it goes
through well.
Well, that´s it for this week! Thanks for all of your support and I
hope that everyone enjoys this Christmas season!
-Elder Dority

Health, happy and loving it in Honduras!

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Week 74: Light the World

Christmas Basket Deliveries

Hey everyone!
So things are getting ready to go for Christmas! How crazy it is to
think that Christmas is just around the corner. This week we, the four
missionaries of Copan Ruinas, have been running around like crazies
trying to get an event ready for this Friday! We are going to have a
donation drive and talent show in the central park for the Light the
World campaign! It has been so fun. Today we dedicated all of our
p-day to getting ready for that (and we are still missing a little).
This morning we had an interview on a tv channel to announce the
event. It was so cool! XD We enjoyed it. We probably looked really
dumb, but at least we got the word out.
We also had the opportunity to go around and give out some baskets of
food to some needy families here in our area. Thanks to some great
friends near and afar we could help some special people. We, the
missionaries, just helped assembled the baskets, but it was still
really fun to help out!

Nothing else to crazy happened this week. I am safe here in Copan.
Nothing crazy goes on here in the ruins. Just make sure to pray for
the other missionaries who are in some areas where things are a little
more problematic. Hopefully it all stays calm for the Christmas
Love you all!
-Elder Dority

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Week 73: I'm Back

New companion Elder Hernandez

Hey everyone! Things are back in motion here in the mission which is really nice. There were some minor set-backs last week due to some civil unrest, but we are good for right now. It felt good to be allowed out again. We've been getting back into the missionary routine little by little.

So I officially have my new companion! His name is Elder Hernández! He is from a place in Guatemala called Huehuetenango. He is super cool. He just completed a year in the mission so he already has lots of experience and knowledge under his belt. He's super fun and likes to work which is basically what everyone looks for in a companion.

This week we had the wonderful opportunity to contact... a lot... hahaha! Due to what happened last week, everything kinda fell through that we had planned out and these last few days have been the recuperation phase of the work. The church has made an amazing video for Light the World and Elder Hernández and I decided to use it in our contacting efforts. We carried around our little DVD player and invited people to see a video about service in Christmas time. It was so cool to see how well it worked out. We got a lot of new investigators very efficiently and more quickly. Thank you technology!

The branch is getting along. We are in the process of planning a New Year's dinner. Other than that nothing too spectacular happened. In the time we've been in the house in lockdown I became a master chef in rice (more or less).

Thanks for all of your support and please pray for the people of Honduras!

-Elder Dority

Elder Hurtado says goodbye to Copan

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Week 72: Become as Little Children

Hurrah for Israel!

Hello family and friends! 
So one change down in Copan Ruinas. It’s crazy how fast the time has flown by. I am very grateful for this change that I had with Elder Hurtado. It has been quite adventurous. Lots of craziness, but lots of success. Elder Hurtado is going to San Pedro where he is going to open an area and train at the same time! So we have to go to La Entrada tonight to stay with the zone leaders so he can catch the bus that goes to San Pedro in the morning. I'll be staying here. I'm not sure of whom is going to come and be my companion. 

Elder Hurtado

So the highlight of this week would definitely be the baptism on Saturday. The son of the lady that got baptized back when I first got here was baptized on Saturday. It was super fun teaching him. He is the youngest convert I’ve taught and it was cool seeing how kids accept and do things differently from the youth and adults. I saw that the kids are ALWAYS willing to do the commitments. With the adults you have to beg and plead sometimes, but with the kids it’s a smoother process. That’s why the Lord tells us to become as little children. 

So with Christmas right around the corner, now would be a good time to talk about the Church’s Christmas initiative. So if you go to you will see that the church is doing what it did last year, “Light the World: 25 ways throughout 25 days.” It’s a super cool program the church has to help us do service throughout the month of December up to Christmas. I invite you guys to watch the videos and upload them to Facebook or Instagram and participate in the many opportunities to serve this December.

“And when ye are in the service of your fellow beings ye are only in the service of your God.” Mosiah 2:17

Sorry I couldn't write that much today. Yesterday we came to the church to write and there wasn't any internet so we couldn't do anything. President Bush said we could write for 30 minutes today after the internet got fixed. 
Things are going good right now. Next time you'll hear who my new companion is! So that should be exciting!

I hope you all had a super great Thanksgiving! Thanks for everything!
Elder Dority

Monday, November 20, 2017

Week 71: Santa Rosa

District conference for Copán with Area Seventy, Elder Hernandez

Hey everyone!

It kinda feels like this change has been in freefall because we are officially in the last week of it. This last week went by super-fast because of a little trip we made out to a town in the department of Copán called Santa Rosa!! Santa Rosa is a super cool place (literally and figuratively). It's about a two and a half hour bus ride from the Ruins because of all the construction on the highway. It's even colder there than it is here in Copán Ruinas which was kinda crazy. You wake up and everything is cold to the touch.

So we had to get up SUPER early on Friday to catch a bus to go to the zone conference (like 3:15 early). That wasn't fun because we got to bed way late the day before because we got hung up. So on Thursday we were heading back to the house and we passed a drunk guy heading the opposite direction. My comp remember shortly after that he had left some clothes with a lady so she could sew them, so we had to turn back to go get them. 

On our second trip back to the house at night we were walking along the highway with our little flashlight on the phone. We passed a little hole in the ground and I shined my light there. The drunk guy was in there and he had his hand extended and asked for some help. I'm glad I have Elder Hurtado as a comp because he suggested we go back and help the drunk guy. I had kinda assumed that he was doing what a lot of drunk guys do here (find a little place to sleep at night), but Elder Hurtado had noticed that he was hurt (something I didn't see). We went back to him and I was shocked (because I didn't know he hurt himself). He was bleeding out of the back of his head and his shirt was covered in blood. I got down and started helping him out and Elder Hurtado called the Red Cross. They didn't answer, so Elder Hurtado jumped down too and we got him out of the hole. We put him around our shoulders and walked to the nearest house asking for help. A guy called the police and they came and took him to a clinic. I had blood all over me and my right arm after, but luckily the wife of the guy that called the police let us wash up in her house. So that was a fun experience. I am glad I have a comp is so serviceable and it kinda taught me a valuable lesson about not hesitating to help someone out. There is a new video that is from the Mormon Messages that has something to do with that. 

Watch the video here: A Good Samaritan- Mormon Messages 

The zone conference was awesome, as always. We stayed in Santa Rosa until Sunday because there was a district conference for the district of Copán. It was really cool and we got to listen to the Area Seventy, Elder Hernandez (who was the stake president of Fesitranh when I was there).

Elder Hernandez, Area Seventy

I can't believe that this Thursday is Thanksgiving. Christmas spirit has already made its way here. In our zone conference on Friday there was a lot of talk about Christmas. I made hot chocolate last night which I had never imagined in my mission doing. Hahaha! I'm not sure what I'll eat for dinner that day. Definitely not a turkey. Maybe I'll make mashed potatoes or something. Those aren't too hard. Or I could make clamed chowder, except there aren't clams here. Hahaha!

That's pretty much it for this week! Thanks for all of your support!
-Elder Dority

 More pictures from last week's service activity and dinner out...

Home Sweet Home... 

Monday, November 13, 2017

Week 70: 16 Months!!!

Welcome to Honduras

Hello everyone!
Holy cow. Reporting on another week that has just escaped out of my
hands yet again. I'm not really sure what it is. Today I complete 16
months in the mission... what.......

So anyways, this week has been a pretty good week. Right now we are
teaching the kids of the lady that got baptized when I first got here.
It's super fun because one of the kids is nine and he wasn't receiving
the lessons with his mom and sister, so we are teaching them to him.
Because he is nine we are trying to implement some other teaching
methods so the lessons stick. Thanks to the Liahona magazine we have
been able to teach in a fun way stuff like the Plan of Salvation and
the Atonement. It's super cool. The church has provided a ton of cool
stuff for teaching little kids and it's really nice.

On Saturday we did a little service project with a couple of youth in
the branch and the sister missionaries. We put on those bright yellow
vests and started picking up garbage in the street. Copan is such a
beautiful place and maybe little by little we can influence others to
make it even more beautiful. Lots of people passed by and asked us who
we were and they congratulated us for our efforts, but we don't do it
for recognition; we do it because Christ's life was 100% service.
Today we did something kinda new. So being in Copan Ruins, we are
super close to the Guatemalan border and we have kinda wanted to go
check it out for a while. So we gave our ZL a call and asked if we
could go check it out. He said we could go, we just couldn't cross.
Hahah! So we got to go check it out today. It's only like a 15 minute
bus-ride going from the center and like 10 minutes coming back. We got
to take a picture in front of the welcome to Honduras sign and all of
that (we were obedient and did not cross just for your information,
haha!). It actually wasn't anything super spectacular. Just lots of
semi-trucks and offices, but cool nevertheless.

Lately something I have been trying to work on is having some good
quality prayer time. It's kinda easy to fall into a routine of prayer,
but now I am trying to look at it as my one-on-one time with God. I
can definitely note the difference in my day when I have meaningful
prayers and when I don't. It's interesting to see things like how
(even at this point in my mission) if I don't ask for the gift of
tongues Spanish goes a lot harder for me that day; and when I do ask
for the gift of tongues and the interpretation of tongues the language
is a lot easier. Prayer works.

Thanks for all of the support!
Elder Dority

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Week 69: Guacamaya!

Hey everyone! Another week here and gone in Copán Ruinas. The change is already halfway over which kinda blows my mind. I feel like I got here like two days ago, so I am not really sure what's going on. Maybe the people are throwing stuff in my pinol.

Hopefully everyone had a great Halloween. It was a little uneventful here. Hahaha! We went on splits with the zone leaders on Halloween, so Elder Hurtado and I made a trip out to La Entrada of Copán. It went really well. It's always nice to switch things up a little bit and pick up new ways of teaching and doing things. The ZLs were putting a big focus on using the Book of Mormon, so I really liked it. I also got to see my old ZL in San Pedro, Elder Huber, which was cool.

La Entrada of Copán

We had a pretty interesting contacting experience. So President Bush has really been pushing for us to use the Book of Mormon more in our finding efforts. So this week we contacted two guys in a neighborhood and we asked them if we could read from the Book of Mormon with them. They accepted and we were deciding what to read with them. We decided to read 2 Nephi 28, which if any of you like reading about latter-day apostasy that chapter is the way to go. We talked about how what was in that chapter was happening in our days and one of the guys became really interested and accepted a return appointment. It was super cool and goes to show that there are many ways to bring the restored gospel into people's lives.

Today we went to a super cool bird park called Macaw Mountain! It was so COOL! They have Guacamayas which are parrots, but they are huge and they can perch on your arms and shoulders and head! Hahaha! It was super fun! It was also funny because one of the sister missionaries busted out a bag of tajadas (chips) while we were there and I asked her for some and while I was eating the tajadas a parakeet tried taking them from me and basically hit me in the face! Hahaha!

Hermana Sanchez

Elder Hurtado... getting the hurt on! Talons?...

Hermana Waldan

Love the Fred Flintstone tie... "Yabba Dabba Doo!"

Well, that's it for this week! Thanks for all of your support! Love you all!
-Elder Dority

(Answers to Mom’s Questions… excerpts from family email)

~Tell me a little bit about where you're currently serving…

Copán Ruinas is kinda like Santa Barbara. There are a lot of similarities. Lots of corn tortillas. The tortillas here are the best tortillas in Honduras because they grow the corn right her on the rolling green hills and ship it out and all that. It's super cool. The tortillas are delicious because they are 100% handmade and home-grown. Yum yum!

~What’s it like being in a small branch and in the Branch Presidency?...

Being in the presidency is kinda busy. The president is a good guy. He has been president for about 9 years, so he's a trooper. We don't spend as much time teaching investigators now, but it's not like it takes away that much time. The missionaries teach like all of the classes on Sunday. Yesterday Elder Hurtado and I taught the Sunday School class for the youth and the priesthood class and then at 3:00 I taught a teacher's' class. Busy day.