Monday, February 27, 2017

Week 33: Una Biblia! Una Biblia!

Eating Papusas! 


Well, another week come and gone here in good ole Gualjoco. This week hasn't been super crazy. We had our zone conference this last Wednesday which was cool. The thing is Santa Barbara is super isolated from the rest of the zone, so we have to travel by bus out to San Pedro Sula for zone conferences. It was cool to meet more missionaries in the mission and meet up with people from the CCM. We also had splits with the ZLs that same day which was fun. Catucuago and I stayed at the ZLs house and we worked out there in an area just outside of San Pedro. It was fun to teach in a kind of similar feeling to what I was used to in La López.

Elders Dority, Catucuago and Jimmy

Got to chop some wood!

The work is coming along right now. The thing is we have a ton of great investigators, but they need to go to church before they can really get progressing. We had a super cool lesson this week though. So there is one lady and her daughter that we are teaching. Last week, when we went there, the mom told us that she didn't want anything to do with the church because she only believed in the Bible and wouldn't believe in the Book of Mormon. We showed her the scriptures Ezekiel 37:15-17 Ezekiel 37and Isaiah 29:9-11. Isaiah 29 She became more open to the Book of Mormon after that and accepted the challenge to read some passages we left. When we returned a few days ago we read the passages with her and her daughter. We read the scripture in 2 Nephi that talks about when the people will say, "A Bible, a Bible!"2 Nephi 29 At first I was worried that that chapter would be too much of a machete for them and they wouldn't want to listen to us anymore, but it turns out it was exactly what they needed. The mom told us how she likes how the Book of Mormon is so similar to the Bible and she was intrigued by how much we focus on the importance of the book. She talked about how she has noticed that a lot of churches have their own Bibles and they change certain things, so we taught her about how we have the fulness of the gospel when we use the Bible and the Book of Mormon hand-in-hand. It was a great lesson. Her daughter went to church with us and I think the mom will go too this coming week.

We've also been working more on teaching the principle of repentance to the people we teach. We have been seeing a lot of success with that too. The real reason we are here is to "cry repentance." The message is of the Restoration is what gives us the authority, but the repentance is the real change that happens in the lives of the people. We are definitely going to continue focusing our efforts on teaching repentance in all occasions.

Well, that is all from Gualjoco this week. I can't believe that we are coming up on March. Súper loco.

-Élder Dórity

Have a Coke and a Smile!!!
A little something for Mom to remind her where a piece of her heart is serving!!!

Monday, February 20, 2017

Week 32: El Poder del Libro de Mormón (The Power of the Book of Mormon)

Awesome Waterfall Adventures on P-day

Another week come and gone here in Santa Barbara. The work is actually picking up really good right now which is awesome. We got a lot of new investigators this last week because we have done a ton of contacting. We put our first baptismal date for the middle of March which is super cool because this area hasn't had a baptism for probably six months. Elder Catucuago and I have been working really hard lately to try and get some progressing investigators and we have a lot of potential candidates for baptism right now.

This week in our companionship and individually the focus has been shifting towards the Book of Mormon. Lately we have been working on implementing it more in the lessons and introducing it sooner. So far, it has been a huge success. I feel like the people here are very open to the idea of more scriptures. They are very interested when we teach them about how Christ came here to the America's to visit his "other sheep." We have been using the Book of Mormon more in our lessons to teach pure doctrines and it is really cool because the Book of Mormon teaches it so much better than I can. The Book of Mormon is so true and thanks to the prophets who wrote, it we can know the whole truth. We don't have to feel lost in a world full of different doctrines. The Book of Mormon is definitely on my list of recommended reads!

Elder Catucuago celebrating his 1 year mission mark!!!

Elder Catucuago completed one year in the mission with another elder that is in our district of Santa Barbara. Time sure does fly in the mission when you work hard and enjoy the surroundings. I have seven months in the mission which is great because I am no longer considered in the "noob" category. Spanish is still of course coming along. There are a lot of times when I don't understand people, but that's okay. I feel like my Spanish starts out super good at the beginning of the day and then by the end I am super tired and don't have the energy to listen so hard. Hahaha! As long as I can teach the doctrine that's what matters most.

Cool lake that's within our area boundaries

Missionaries on a P-day Adventure
"Derping at the Lake"

Today we took a little trip to a lake that is within our district boundaries. While we were there we ran into a tour group that had gringos on it! It was so funny. They were all there at the lake bird watching. I talked to them a little about Honduras and how great it is and how they have to eat Baleadas if they really want the San Pedro Sula experience. It was so funny to have so many gringos around me. I felt kinda weird. Hahaha!

Bird Watching Gringos!!!

That's it pretty much for this week. We are definitely working hard, not hardly working.

-Elder Dority

Monday, February 13, 2017

Week 31: Santa Barbara

Elders Dority and Catucuago

So, as everybody knows, I had my first transfers! I packed up all my stuff and left La López 2 which was not the easiest experience. That ward is an amazing and the people are so loving and supportive. It felt weird leaving La López because I have not known anything in Honduras that is south of San Pedro Sula; so when I was told that I would be heading to a place called Santa Barbara I was excited.

I have heard of Santa Barbara ever since I arrived in the mission, for various reasons. One of the reasons being that people claim that most of the nation's "cheles" come out of there (chele is essentially a Latino with white/light skin). Also, the people said that it is a lot cooler temperature-wise. When I was told I would be heading here I was excited to see if the legends were true. Hahaha!

Getting here is quite the trip. It's about a three-hour bus ride from here to San Pedro Sula. You have to weave through all these little mountains and hills to get here. It was kinda of cool because it reminded me of driving up to Alta (ski resort) back in my home-state of Utah. Santa Barbara is located in the mountains, so it is true that it is a little more "fresco" as the people would say. It's not quite as hot which is super nice. It's pretty isolated so everything costs a little more. Santa Barbara is a little higher-end living than from what I saw in La López. It is true that there A LOT of cheles here. They look like they are from America but then they start talking in Spanish. Our area is huge and we were told that there is one little town in our area where everyone is white, so we are probably going to make a trip out to that part sometime this week. 

The areas here are a little nicer kept and there is practically no delinquency which is nice. Santa Barbara is a beautiful place. I don't know why, but walking the streets here reminds me of Vernal (a small town in Utah where I have family) for some reason. Not sure why. It's weird. The houses aren't quite as packed together as La Lopez and more of the streets are paved. One of my favorite parts about Santa Barbara is the mountains. It makes me feel a little more at home with the mountains so close and all the pine trees (except there are still palm trees which is weird). The center park is pretty cool. I'll have to get more pictures of that. They sell huge baleadas and have turtles down here. I didn't have my camera with me so I'll send those next week.

Study Area

I now live in a house instead of an apartment, so living quarters have gotten bigger. My companion's name is Elder Catucuago. I could not say is name for like three days straight. He is super cool. He is going to complete a year on his mission this week. He is also from Ecuador which is cool. His only fault I've found in him is that he didn't keep the last name starting with "D" trend going. Hahaha! He's super funny and we have fun together and work well together, so I am excited to see how it goes.

I love it so far. I don't have hot water still which is kinda a bummer. In the morning I can have a shower with running water, but it essentially is just water that comes out of a pvc pipe and it is freezing. If I don't shower when that water is going I have to use the bucket.

Here in Santa Barbara there are six missionaries (four elders and two sisters). We have a branch with a church attendance that can vary from 70-130 people. We have a normal building, but it's pretty small. A dog joined us off the street for our sacrament hymn which was funny.

My area is called Galeras 2, but we serve mostly in Gualjoco (which I believe it should be called that and the other missionaries call it that). Overall, the area is super beautiful and the people are very welcoming. It is very different from my last area. I am looking forward to getting to know the different types of living here in Honduras. A part of my heart still lives in La López though.

Fun side note, today we had a super cool conference with all the missionaries of the San Pedro Sula West and East missions. Elder Christiansen from the presidency of the Seventy came, so that was super cool! We had to get up at like 4:00 am to be there though. Good times had by all!

Selfie in Santa Barbara

Stay cool!
-Elder Dorito (that name comes out a lot easier than Dority for Latinos, so we go with it)

Friday, February 10, 2017

A Gift from Honduras!!! (Mom Post)

Tuesday night I found this wonderful post on my Facebook Page. I could never have imagined receiving such a gift from someone so far away.

Elder Dority has formed special friendships in La Lopez and absolutely loves the people there. This is a post from one of the members in this area. Thank you, Karol for sharing it to my page!

"Today I found very good role models for my pictures.... Angeles, yes! They are the ones who proclaim the good news of the gospel...!!! I testify that the missionary work is wonderful, a work full of happiness and pure love of Christ..... I know, I live, I love it!"
~Hermana Orellana

Monday, February 6, 2017

Week 30: ¡Aprendes a amar a aquellos a quienes sirves! (You learn to love those whom you serve!)

Our last District/Zone Meeting

So probably my last week in La López 2. We are going to find out tonight who is going to be going and staying. I have a feeling I will be heading out. I have had four transfers here and I have already completed 2 transfers with Elder Demera. I am excited to leave and meet new people and places, but it is going to be really hard to say goodbye to the families and friends here. The people here are just so loving and caring. I have seen some pretty amazing changes in the lives of the people I’ve taught and that is priceless.

So this week has been a week of holding out. The amount of appointments we have had lately has been on the lower end of the scale, but that is okay. One of the beautiful things about the gospel of Jesus Christ is that we do get points for trying. Heavenly Father knows our intentions and I do feel like if I leave La López 2, I will not leave with regrets.

It was really cool though because Demera and I found a guy on the street a little while back who it turns out is already a member. He moved to our area a few months ago and has been inactive for a little. We invited him to church and he came! He wants to get fully involved in the church again and I am so excited to hear in the future how he does.

It's so crazy how the Lord has kind of just sent people to us on the street lately. Now that I think about it, that's probably why almost all of our appointments have been falling through: so we could be in the right street at exactly the right time to talk to the right person. Macizo. (Solid)

I'm so grateful for my experience and companions here in La López. I have seriously learned so much (more than just Spanish). I have learned that you learn to love those whom you serve! If you want to know how to have more Christlike love for someone, you serve them!

I might be writing my next letter in another area! We'll see what happens. Sorry, I can't write too much right now because there were a ton of photos I wanted to send to you and we have to get to some appointments here pretty soon.

De La López!
-Elder Dority

More District/Zone Meeting photos...

Probably last time at the beach for awhile...