Monday, March 20, 2017

Week 36: Feliz Día del San Patricio! (Happy St. Patrick's Day)

We love the Book of Mormon!!!
Last week of changes got finished up. This change has gone by super-fast. It's crazy how fast this change went by. Tonight we are going to find out who will have changes or not. If anyone got taken out of this area this change it would most likely be Elder Catucuago, but I don't think he'll go because he only has one more change than me and we only have one change together.

So happy St. Patrick's Day to everyone. I hope everyone enjoyed that holiday to the max because that holiday is not celebrated here. I had to teach my comp what it was like and how if he didn't wear green I was going to pinch him. Yesterday we also celebrated Father's day because for some reason in Honduras they have it in March. So lots of celebrating going on.

St. Patrick's Day Outfit

The work is coming along here. We have a baptism planned this week (emphasis on planned). If things go according to plan we should have one this Saturday, but this is the mission and when do things go according to plans? Hahaha! Elder Catucuago and I have really been focusing on trying to contact families and find more potential priesthood holders. It's hard because all the fathers are usually at work during the time we proselyte and contact, so we fix our appointments with their wives for when the husband will be home too, but that usually leaves our appointments kind of wishy-washy and a lot of them fall through; so we have to work on figuring out a method on contacting the head of the house more directly and having appointments that don't fall through so much.

So cool experience we had yesterday. A few days ago we contacted this one couple that is a little older and pertain to the Catholic Church. We taught the first lesson then and there. After the lesson Elder Catucuago and I had some doubts about the lesson because we feel like they would've been questioning our lesson, especially the part about the apostasy. We went back yesterday to teach him. We decided beforehand that we would reteach the first lesson, but this time not spend so much time on the principles that he already understands like how God is our loving Heavenly Father and the Gospel blesses families. We really focused on teaching the apostasy in a very simple and clear manner. When we asked him what he thought the word äpostasy" meant, he told us that it was a word that meant a sort of apostolic ministry. I am glad we got that cleared up finally. No wonder they didn't comprehend our message. The lesson went really well and he liked the story of Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon. He definitely comprehends the message now and is willing to fulfill the commitments we are leaving him. It was a good reminder to me that I am FAR from being a perfect teacher. When someone doesn't understand something it could be because of the one teaching it, not just the one learning. It was a good eye-opener for me.

That's it from Santa Barbara this week. We pretty much spent all of last week walking off baleadas by contacting, trying to find new investigator families, so please pray for us that the appointments from those contacts don't fall through this week. Hahaha!

Cuídese mi pueblo! (Take Care My People)

-Élder Dórity

Mom Note: This Sunday, I’m teaching the 4th week Relief Society lesson. We’re discussing President Russell M. Nelson’s October 2016 General Conference talk, “Joy and Spiritual Survival.” I asked Elder Dority, "How have you found "JOY" during the difficult times on your mission? What brings you joy during the difficult times? and How has finding joy blessed you during difficult times?” I love asking him questions that relate to my lessons. It does this Mother Heart good to hear the gospel in action in his life! This was his reply…

“What I would say brings me joy in the mission.... there are a couple of things. One of the things that really brings joy is seeing the spirit touch the heart of the investigator and I can just see it in their eyes that the spirit just testified to them of the truthfulness of the message. Also, contacting a ton when nobody wants you, but then finally reaching the one "golden" person! Also, having a companion that goofs off a little and helps you just have fun in the process. One thing I've learned on the mission is the harder you work, the happier you'll be when the results come.” ~Elder Dority

Mom titling this one... "Joy and Spiritual Survival"

Elder Dority

Elder Catacuago

Monday, March 13, 2017

Week 35: 8 Meses! (8 Months!)

Finally made rice correctly!!!

So this past week has definitely been a week that differentiates from the rest. This last Wednesday we had another zone conference out by San Pedro. So we had to get up a little early and catch a bus to go to that. What was chasta (complex) though was that the traffic was ridiculous. What is normally a two hour bus ride turned into a three hour bus ride, and we didn't even make it to our destination in the bus. We got out and walked the rest of the way because the traffic wasn't going anywhere. So that was fun. After the meeting, we had our interviews with President Bush which is always great. After the interviews we had to go to a dentist in San Pedro to see if my comp, Elder Catucuago was going to take out his wisdom teeth. We had planned on them taking them out in that visit, but after the exam they told us to come back the following morning to take out his teeth. So that meant we had to spend the night in San Pedro. The cool thing was that we got to go on splits with the secretaries and I got to go with my dad Elder Dickson. It was cool to hang out with him again and catch up on the good old times in La López. 

Elder Catucuago got two wisdom teeth pulled out Thursday morning and then we caught a bus back to Santa Barbara. When we got back, I went with another elder to Trinidad again for some follow-up visits and what not because my comp was knocked out. Needless to say, there was way too much travelling by bus that day.

Elder Catucuago...lost some teeth!!! (Nice shoe Elder Dority)

Ever since then I have been basically under house arrest because my comp has been wiped out by the surgery and is quite swollen. It does give me, however, a ton of time to do some much needed studying. I have learned a lot of new words in Spanish and have been reading a lot from the scriptures. It will be nice to get back into the mission work this week though because being stuck in the house all day is not the most fun. 
We are still teaching the mother and daughter I told you about last week. Everything is going good with the daughter, but I don't think she will be baptized this week. I think it will be the following week because we still have quite a bit to teach her with the commandments. Lately we have dedicated most the lessons to helping her mom receive answers.

So I just finished up the story of David in the Old Testament and it is such a good story to learn from. It's so crucial that we recognize what happened to David and how we can prevent similar processes from happening in our lives. He was someone who was such a spiritual giant, but then let his guard down and fell from his glory. Reading his story is such a good reminder of how the gospel needs to always have a precedence in our lives and we should never entertain the smallest of sins.

I was glad to get the letters forwarded of Elder Bailey and Deeble. I should see Elder Deeble on Wednesday in a multi-conference, so I'll send pics. Of course Elder Bailey is already General Secretary. He sounds like he is doing a really good job there in El Salvador.

That's it right now from Gualjoco. Today I complete eight months in the mission which blows my mind.
Cuídense! (Take Care!) 
-Elder Dority

Mom note:
I looked up on Google Translate to see what the word “chasta” meant… it’s not Spanish or Honduran according to Google… it’s Irish! Imagine that! Our red-headed Irish boy had to go all the way to Honduras to learn that chasta means complex!” I love it!!! 

I also loved the photo of his shoe in the dentist's looking a little worn and dirty!

Monday, March 6, 2017

Week 34: My creativity with titles has reached a limit (Tracting in Trinadad)

Scorching hot day in Trinadad!!! Beware the dragon!!!

Hey! So this week has been a pretty good week. Definitely got in some good teaching and some pretty good adventuring also. So one of the highlights of this week is that we have an investigator is that is progressing really well. She is working towards a baptismal date of the 18the of this month which I am super excited for.

So this week we also made a little trip out to a part of our area called Trinidad. We had the elders of Centro come with us on splits (splits were changed a while back so both companionships work in the same area). Trinidad is this little town that is like a thirty minute bus ride from Santa Barbara. We went there to go contact and find some potential investigators. I ended going up with Elder Mena and Elder Catucuago went with Elder Cifuentes. Elder Mena and I found some good people, but when Elder Catucuago and Elder Cifuentes met up with us they told us they found the coolest person. They told us they were contacting and they felt they should go contact this one house. They said the guy just let them in and was very receptive. They got to talking and the guy they found asked them where they had been this whole time.

Apparently, he is a member of the church, but he hasn't gone to church for a while because he moved to Trinidad from Tegucigalpa, so he lost contact with the church. He said he had been waiting for years for missionaries to show up at his house. He wanted to get active again in the LDS church. The other elders said it was a super spiritual discussion and he invited us back on Thursday for a dinner. The only thing is Elder Catucuago will most likely get his wisdom teeth removed on Wednesday, so it will probably be me with Elder Cifuentes on Thursday. Everything is going super good. If Elder Catucuago gets his wisdom teeth yanked out this Wednesday, I should have some great photos! Hahahaha!

We also had a cool missionary movie night with the branch. We showed the movie "The Testaments"and brought members and investigators. It was a good little activity and it helped the people understand a little better as to what the Book of Mormon really talks about.

We had investigators at church this week which was super great. Church attendance, for me, is the number one sign as to if someone is progressing or is ready for progression. I am glad we had investigators in church on Sunday because if we wouldn't have had that the day would have been kinda lousy because of all the appointments that fell through. Así es la misión muchos días.

Today for p-day we rode a rapidito up the mountain to go see an old abandoned partly built church. It was cool, but we walked down the WHOLE mountain. I have a picture with the view of Santa Barbara from the top. We walked that whole thing. I don't ever want to make that trip again. Hahaha! Sounds like the Utah weather is back to its old tricks of not making up its mind. Honduras has DEFINITELY made up its mind that it is going to be hot. I hold the Book of Mormon in my hand and if it is in the sun for too long it seriously turns into a frying pan that you could cook an egg on. Elder Catucuago and I are probably going to try an experiment and set a frying pan in the sun and see if we can cook an egg.

Well, that's it for now! Cuidense!
-Elder Dority

Wall art in Trinadad
Cathedral in Trinadad

Splits in Trinadad with Elders Dority,  Mena, Catucuago and Cifuentes

Elder Dority doing a thumbs up...before his long hike back down the mountain!!! Hahaha!

Interior view of the church ruins above Santa Barbara

Photo bomb tag pic at the ruins above Santa Barbara

Tag pic at the church ruins

Church ruins above Santa Barbara

View of Santa Barbara from the church ruins...before our long hike down

Making rice and fried green bananas. Yum!!