Monday, May 29, 2017

Week 46: Sihombé

Study Area- Tag Picture

Well, I hope that everyone enjoyed their Memorial weekend. Things are going pretty good down here in good old Jan Pedro (as the people here would say it). This week we have been working pretty hard and have had some pretty cool miracles happen.

On Thursday, Alvarado and I decided that we would pass by an older member lady to see if she could help us out in a fellowship with an investigator that we have. We gave her a short message and then we asked if she could help us out with the investigator. She said yes and then we asked her if she knew anyone that we could teach. She told us about a guy whom she rents one of her rooms to. She told us about how he has had a lot of problems and is always in the house just on his phone. She told us she would like to see him reading the Book of Mormon and not being on Facebook. She asked if we could talk to him and we basically said, "heck yes." We found him outside and got talking to him and then eventually taught lesson one. It was super cool because he is super pilas and is really interested in the Book of Mormon. He's a cool guy because in spite of having a lot of problems right now, he wants to change so I feel like he should be a really good investigator.

This week I also got the chance to visit with a member who hasn't been able to make it out to church to often lately. She hasn't been able to make it out a lot because she has an autistic son and she has to do a lot to help take care of him. She is super cool. Talking with her made me appreciate people who do that kind of stuff and also the promise from modern day prophets that tell us that those people (along with little children) will go directly to the presence of our Heavenly Father. It's amazing evidence of God's love for us.

God answers prayers... Huge Storm!
Nothing else has really happened this week. You guys must have taken my invitation to praying for rain very seriously because we got answered. About three nights ago a HUGE storm hit here. Tons of rain and lighting. It was pretty cool. I tried getting pictures of it, but taking pictures at night towards the sky don't work out too great. Hahaha!

Enjoy your week!
-Elder Dority

Monday, May 22, 2017

Week 45: "Antinguos Investigadores"

P-Day at the beach again...nothing fishy going on here!

P-day Pyramid!!!

Another week come and gone here in San Pedro Sula. Not a whole lot has happened this week. Not too long ago we had our ZLs review our area book and they gave us a lot of tips on using the area book to find more investigators. So we took that to heart and started looking through our area book in hopes of finding some people to teach. We opened up to the folder that is titled "Antinguos Investigadores" which means old investigators. We started calling everyone that had a number listed, trying to see if anyone was willing to give the restored gospel a second chance. We were finally able to reach one guy who is like 23 years old. We introduced ourselves and he agreed to have an appointment. A few days ago had a lesson with him and we made sure to figure out what exactly caused the missionaries to stop visiting him. He told us that before he didn't really have any intention of joining a church because he didn't feel like it was necessary. That tells us that he hasn't received a spiritual witness of the principle that Christ formed a church in ancient times. So we made sure to use lots of scriptures and focus a lot on how Christ formed his church in ancient times. It was a great lesson and he is involved and pays a lot of attention in the lessons. He accepted the baptismal challenge which was super cool. We'll see what happens there.

There is also this family we contacted last week that is pretty cool. When we contacted them there was this grandma with all these grandkids and an aunt. We taught them the message of the restoration and left them a Book of Mormon. Last Saturday we went back for a follow-up appointment and to our surprise almost everyone had actually fulfilled their reading commitment. That doesn't sound like much but it is. Hahaha! We were excited to hear that almost everyone read and they all committed themselves to going to church with us this upcoming Sunday.

Well, that is pretty much it for this week. Nothing too exciting going on. I'm pretty sure we are in a drought right now because May is supposed to be a rainy season and it has rained like once the whole month. All the rivers are dried up and a lot of the trees on the mountain are getting a brownish tint. God is punishing San Pedro Sula for its wicked abominations. Hahaha! Joking....

Pray for rain!
-Elder Dority

(The only pictures I have are from last week and they are only two from the beach. I don't have anything from this week so sorry about that.)

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Week 44: Feliz Día de la Madre

Happy Mother's Day!!!

Well, this week was a pretty good week here in San Pedro. Talking to the family was obviously a major highlight. It was good to see everyone good, healthy, and happy.

All together at Grandma's house

So this week we had interviews with president which went really well. I always like hearing his insights and what we can apply in our area specifically. This last week Elder Alvarado and I worked hard on giving more effort and pushing harder with the proselyting. We were able to find and teach a family on Saturday which was super cool. The church is super well established here and there have been missionaries for a long time, so at first it can be hard to think that there could be people who are prepared or haven't heard the message before, but God is always preparing people in all places. The family we were able to teach this last Saturday was a good manifestation of that.

I am grateful for all that has happened thus far in the mission. Serving a mission maybe isn't always the easiest thing in the world, but even in the hard times a person can learn to enjoy the work and see the blessings.

This week in my personal study I read the advice that Alma gives to his son Shiblon. That chapter is probably one of my favorite chapters in the Book of Mormon. When it comes to missionary work, we sometimes have our difficulties amongst our "Zoramites." Alma tells us that if we suffer with patience everything will be made right in the end. Not only in missionary work this chapter applies but in all aspects of life. Sometimes we have "Zoramites" that can be difficulties, trials, addictions, or many other things in our lives. The Lord promises those who are faithful that he will bless them.

Be patient amongst your "Zoramites."

Have a great week!
Elder Dority

Mom Note: What a wonderful Mother's see Elder Dority's smiling face and feel the miles between here and Honduras melt away. Our internet connection kept freezing up and the audio was intermittent, so we ended up just calling and talking to him individually over the phone. We were grateful to connect with him anyway we could get it. He sounds great and is working hard in his new area. Pure joy for me! We love you Elder Dority!!!
Mom's Moment

Grandma's Kitchen. Elder Dority's favorite place!!!
Ginger Power!

Monday, May 8, 2017

Week 43: San Pedro Sula

My new companion Elder Alvarado standing back left

Okay, so a lot has gone down this last week and the truth is I still feel like none of it's real, that maybe I am just in a dream or something, but nope.

So Monday night, at about 9:25pm, Elder Catucuago and I were waiting for "the call" telling us who would go and who would stay. It was pretty much a money-back guaranteed deal that Catucuago would be going and I was certain I would stay in Santa Barbara for another two changes. At 9:26pm we received the call and the ZLs proceeded to tell us that THE BOTH OF US were leaving. Tuesday was the craziest day trying to get everything ready for changes. We thought that maybe they were taking out the two of us and they were going to send two more missionaries, but it turns out that they closed my area! I guess since more missionaries went home than came in this last transfer so president had to close down some areas and six missionaries is a lot of missionaries for one branch.

Well, I am now in San Pedro Sula. Yep. It's not like I am on an outskirt area of the city or anything like that. The name of my ward is San Pedro Sula and the name of my area is San Pedro Sula 2. Elder Catucuago got sent to Valle de Sula to the area of Cabañitas, so he is close.

Apparently the sister missionaries in Santa Barbara took over our area and investigators. My new district in San Pedro Sula is super weird. It's us (my comp is the DL), the zone leaders, and the APs. It's like, what? DL, ZLs, APs..... and Elder Dority..... Haha. My companion is Elder Alvarado and he is from Guatemala. He has like 15 months in the mission and is super chill and funny. I am pretty hopeful for this transfer with him.

So this area is pretty big because it is two areas combined into one. Apparently, the giant Coca Cola sign on the mountain is part of my area. Maybe I'll be hiking the Coca Cola one of these days. Luckily I arrived here when the heat wave passed. It's a little bit cooler right now because I guess May is a rainy month. It's funny because the 3rd of May is basically a national holiday here because it supposedly always rains here on the 3rd of May. I believe that streak was broken this year because it did not rain that day, at least I didn't notice it.

One funny thing that is kinda derpy to everyone else but legit for me is I finally was able to do the super cool tortilla flipping thing the Hondurans do here. On Friday night we visited this one lady and she was like, "Do you guys want Baleadas?" And of course our response was a, "Sí hombre." So we got all the ingredients and made them and I got to make some tortillas by hand. I have never been able to do the crazy and flipping thing with the dough until I came here. It must be a little bit of that San Pedro Sula magic.

Well, that is it for this week. I complete 10 months on Saturday! Whoo!
-Elder Dority a dinner with DL (Elder Alvarado holding flowers) , ZL and Ward Missionaries

Zone Leader, Ward Mission Leader and Elder Dority

My companion Elder Alvarado, the Zone Leaders and Ward Missionary

Monday, May 1, 2017

Week 42: El Calor mas Chasta (the worst heat)

Missionary Pal, Elder Lopez. Finishing this week and returning to Ecuador
 So this week has been kind of a crazy with the weather, events, upcoming changes, and what not. 

We had a multi-zone conference on Thursday which included the zones Merendón, Villanueva, and Potrerillos. It was super cool because we got to listen to a bunch of leaders. Another cool thing about the conference was that two members came to the conference that were sister missionary companions about 30 years ago in Honduras. They were companions in Chamelecón where we had the conference. One is from Panama and the other from the USA, so that was cool to hear from them about their experiences in the mission and some of the similarities and differences between then and now. They told us that in 1980 there were 6,300 members in Honduras and as of 2013 there were 160,000.

The heat has been a little bit ridiculous lately. It has been at about 113 degrees in San Pedro this week and like 40, 41 degrees here in Santa Barbara. What really was the most chasta was that on Friday night the lights went out which means two things: we have to go back to the house early because it's a little sketchy when the light goes out and we don't have any fans to cool us off. That was a rough night for sure. I ended up getting sick from the heat. Not like, figuratively sick of the heat, like literally I got sick from so much heat. I was kinda knocked out all day Sunday because I was sick, which was no fun.

Things are going good with investigators right now. The super cool taxi driver and his wife are great because they always read what we ask them to read and participate a ton in the lessons. The husband is very open to the religion, but the wife is hesitant about changing religions because she has been Catholic her whole life (which is a very common occurrence we have with investigators). I feel good about them though. If they go to church they will definitely feel the truthfulness of what we are teaching them.

Elder Burt. Same Zone 2 changes. Multi-zone Conference

Well, that is pretty much it for this week. It was kinda busy with going to San Pedro two days in a row and conferences, the lights going out, getting sick and what not. Next week should be interesting because we have transfers coming up this Wednesday. We'll see what happens!

Thanks for the support!
-Elder Dority