Monday, June 19, 2017

Week 49: ¿No puede salir bien ni una sola cosa?

Playing around with my camera...

Hey everyone! So this week has definitely been an interesting one. Pretty memorable I'd say.

So transfers... I am happy to say that I am staying in San Pedro Sula 2 with Alvardo for another transfer. We're doing good together so I was glad that we were staying together for another month and a half. We've been working hard to have our new investigators become progressing investigators. This week we definitely had some patience tested. I think it's kinda funny because this last week pretty much confirmed my suspicion that working with members is bad luck. So we had like three appointments with some of our most pilas investigators this last week. We were pretty excited for the visits and even more so because we got members lined up to go visit with us. Sadly, however, every appointment fell through and I was honestly a little frustrated because SOMETHING always has to happen. My comp and I laughed about it though, vowing never to ask for member help again. Hahaha! I'm pretty sure God just wants us to learn patience, like always. We'll still work with members. Hahaha! It's just kinda funny looking back on it.

During the week I was a little upset though because so much fell through. I was kinda like, "Can't one thing just go right?" That's where one of our investigators steps in. So we are teaching this one lady who is a little more advanced in years, but extremely young at heart. She's the best. She is super smart and is a professor at the local university. She likes to greet us with a high-five and fist bump. So we were teaching her about the Book of Mormon and at the end we asked her if she would pray to know if it was true. She was kinda hesitant about it and that didn't sit well with us. We then asked her if she believed God could answer her pray and she was all, "Oh, I don't know." We then asked if she had ever prayed before and she told us no. Well... that's good to know. Turns out she's atheist. We were not under that impression because she told us she assists another church, but it turns out she just goes there because her friend invites her. We didn't have time to teach more, so we pulled out a pamphlet of lesson two which is The Plan of Salvation. We told her that she needed to read it all at the same time. She accepted. We left, but we totally spaced putting another appointment and inviting her to church. A few days later she called us and told us she had read the pamphlet and that she wanted to fix another visit. That was unexpected. So we got an appointment set for this Friday. On Sunday we were waiting for church to start and in she walks! It was like, "No way!" It was a tender mercy for all the stuff that had fallen through this week.

Water... Water... Water...

Thank goodness for tile floors and a great broom!

Other than that we had a fun day yesterday cleaning the house. We came home to find it flooded. Hahaha! I guy came and fixed a leaky faucet we had, but the house got flooded from a bad tube under the sink. Luckily nothing important was damaged and the house flooring is only tile, with a couple of brooms we were able to clean it up relatively fast. It was just kinda funny to open the door and find water everywhere.

Well, have a great week!

-Elder Dority

Call out to one of my favorite missionaries... This one's for YOU, Elder Burt! 

Monday, June 12, 2017

Week 48: Nuevos Ríos en la Gracias A Dios

Well, the change has finally come to an end. It's pretty crazy how fast this last change went by. Tonight we receive "the call" telling us who is going and what not. Most likely our companionship will be staying how it is, but after what happened last changes I don't guarantee anything.

Not a whole lot of craziness has gone on this week. We did pick up on a new investigator family which was cool. I always like teaching families more than individuals because I think that the investigators really get the sense of the fact the gospel's greatest blessings are reserved in family units. I also feel like people progress more when they are receiving the missionaries as a family because they feel like they aren't doing the process alone and they have more "ganas" as we would say in Spanish.

Elder Dickson (trainer)and I (multi-zone conference)
Elder Catucuago, (last companion) and I (multi-zone conference

So you know how I said that May is a rainy month here. Well, it hardly rained at all in May and a lot of the poorer people have been going without water for a while because of it. Well, yesterday I believe we received in 2 hours all the rain we were supposed to have in May. My comp and I were in the Gracias A Dios which is the pueblo on the mountain side when the weather decided to let loose. We were about to have a visit with an investigator family when out of nowhere it just started to rain gatos and perros. The bummer is that the roofs are made of the big slates of tin, so when a rainstorm hits you can't hear anything. It rained so much that the roads just turned into rivers and we were pretty much just confined to this house. It was pretty crazy because the current in the street was carrying all these huge rocks because it was so strong. It was pretty crazy. I wish I would've had my camera to film it.

Yesterday we had an investigator come to church for the first time which was cool. He came because of the fellowshipping with a member in the ward who visited him with us. It just goes to show how much faster the work progresses with members at your side. In fact, that same investigator was a reference of a different member. He's one of our most pilas investigators right now. We have to work more on finding through members because the majority of the area is super rich people and businesses. Hahaha! It'll be good though because we just had a multi-zone conference that was focused completely on finding people by faith. Should go well for us.

Well, other than that things are going good. I complete eleven months tomorrow! 🎉

Gracias por todo!
-Elder Dority

Monday, June 5, 2017

Week 47: La famosa de Coca Cola

Baleadas BIGGER than you TORSO!!! -with Elder Alvarado

So this week was a pretty eventful week. We had the opportunity to go on splits with the ZLs which was pretty cool. I went with the gringo ZL Elder Huber. It was super fun and I learned a lot from him. After that we met up with Alvarado and the other ZL to eat at a place called Kiki's. That place is really well known for welling ridiculously huge baleadas. The place in Santa Barbara sells some pretty big baleadas, but these things are like as wide as my torso. It was great. I can now say that I ate all the baleada from Kiki's.

Now say that I ate all the baleada from Kiki's.

We also got the opportunity to leave with President Bush this week and visit some people. It was cool because we were visiting a guy who is a dad and has these super great little kids and the president went with us. My comp and I started talking about the Restoration, but you could tell that the message just wasn't clicking with him so President started talking about eternal families and the guy got way interested and you could feel the spirit. It was super cool.

We also finally have someone with a baptismal date! We were given some wise counsel concerning an investigator who hadn't accepted a baptismal date. We were told we should fast to try and help him out and it for sure worked. We have a date set in July for him. Fasting works! I definitely need to put it in practice more in the mission.

Today we hiked the infamous "Coca Cola." The Coca Cola is the giant sign on the side of the mountain in San Pedro Sula. The view was super cool because we could see all of San Pedro. At the top the only thing they had to drink was coconut water. They take these coconuts and hack off the top with a machete then stick a straw in it and tell you to drink it. It's pretty good and only costs like L15.00 which is like $0.50.

Infamous Coca Cola sign 

Hiking to Coca Cola 

San Pedro Sula view from above

100% Coconut Water

Resting at the top 

My two favorite countries

Other than that everything is going good here. Loving missionary life!
-Elder Dority