Sunday, July 2, 2017

Week 50: Lo siento por ser aburrido (Sorry for Being Boring)

"Baleadas bigger than my torso!" (Not a new photo...but one well worth remembering!)

Hey everyone! So this week was a pretty tranquila week. Nothing too crazy going on. We had stake conference this week and there was a pretty good turn out. It's cool to see all the Mormons in San Pedro Sula. The church grows really well here. This week we ran into a guy that got baptized in the San Pedro Sula ward (where I am right now) back in 2006 or something like that. Since then the ward sacrament meeting attendance has about doubled in size which was super cool to hear. It'll be interesting to see how the church increases over the years here. 

Things are going really well with our investigators right now. We have quite a few that are now in the progressing stage. They are all pretty solid and most of them have attended or are attending church. We have to work on putting baptismal dates for the investigators. Nothing ever goes to plan in the mission, but we are hopeful that we can have some baptisms in July. We are definitely working hard for it.

This area is pretty interesting because it's a lot of city. I'm more used to living in areas that are filled with lots of houses and little businesses. Here, the houses are all larger and we are finding it harder to find those who will listen to us if we ring their doorbell. A lot of the area is businesses too, so the area is big, but a lot of it we aren’t able to teach in. It's interesting, but I am getting used to it. It's a lot more of working together with the members, which I like. I think it turns out better for the investigator like that in the end.

It's pretty crazy that June is now coming to a close. It does not feel like it was six months ago when I was celebrating the New Year's and what not. The time has definitely been flying by. Pretty soon I'll be coming up on the one year mark. That should be a party. I've heard that the heat has cranked up a little bit there.

My sister said Utah has been hovering around 100° or so. The heat has still been going strong here and it will probably stay like that until mid-November or something like that. At night, it "dips down" to like 80°. Hahaha! I've gotten pretty used to it though. I only need one fan to sleep and sometimes I turn it off in the night because it is too cold. I can't sleep in A/C because it is too cold.

I don't have any pictures for this week... well at least I don't think I do. Hahaha! I didn't bring my camera because I thought we were going to be playing sports at the church and that I would be returning to the house, but we ended up eating right after and then coming back to the church to write, so sadly I don't have pictures to send.

Sorry that nothing too exciting happened this week. Maybe next week something will happen. Thanks for all the support!

-Elder Dority

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