Monday, July 10, 2017

Week 52: Mi mamá me matará por no mandar fotos (My Mom will kill me for not sending photos)

So...this is what happens when you don't send your Mom pictures... (She inserts her own!)

Hola mis queridos! (Hello my dears!)
So this week has been a pretty eventful and good week. A lot has been going on with the fourth of July, investigators, interviews, splits, and the dreaded gripe (flu, pronounced greep-ay).
So Tuesday we had interviews with President Bush. They, of course, were really good. At the beginning of my mission we wouldn't have interviews and conferences with the president as often, but now we have one interview and one conference with him every change. I like it like that because it gives us more of a chance to learn from the president and his wife. I do have to give a shout out to Hermana Bush for providing some pretty outstanding brownies at the interviews!
Following the interviews we got to go on splits with our zone leaders because my companion is the district leader. It was fun because I got to go with a missionary named Elder Coeto who is Mexican and my favorite latino accent would definitely have to be the Mexican one. I got to help him commit one of his investigators to living the Word of Wisdom which was cool because I haven't done that for a little bit now. Hopefully we will be able to do that with one of our investigators soon. Splits are great though because it gives you the chance to learn different ways of teaching and it gives lots of good ideas on new teaching methods.
This week Elder Alvarado and I sure did a great deal of hiking. We received a reference from one of our investigators that her parents wanted us to visit them because she had talked to them about the missionaries visiting her. She told us that she lived in a place called Santanita. Santanita, turns out, is on the top of the mountain. We started our hike up there with a member because we had no idea where it was. We were wondering around on the top of this mountain looking for this couple and we couldn't find them because it got dark and we decided to head back. Everyone was pretty dead the next day in church because it was a super steep incline. Hahaha! Good times.
Everyone is also getting attacked by the gripe right now, which being interpreted, means the cold or flu. My comp has had symptoms for forever now. It hit me a few days ago, but I went nuts on the vitamins and it went away after a day or two. All the Hondurans have the gripe right now and it kinda sucks. People try and use it to tell us that they don't want to visit with us, but we tell them that we are already sick... so backfire. Hahah!
The work is progressing. We are trying hard to help a lot of progressing investigators accept a baptismal date and do everything necessary for baptism, but it's all been kinda falling apart, but we have faith! We will have a baptism!
Well, that's about it for this week! I finished the Book of Mormon in Spanish for the first time and I can say with a surety that it's true! Joseph Smith really was a prophet and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day saints really is Christ's kingdom once again on the earth!

-Elder Dority
 ...and now... last week.

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