Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Week 54: Hello everyone from San Pedro Sula!

Elder Dority and Elder Alvarado

Hello everyone from San Pedro Sula!

Not a whole lot has gone on this week, but we did have some success in the work! My companion and I have been working hard trying to finish up this change on a high note. This upcoming Wednesday we have changes and tonight's the night when we find out who will be going and who will be staying. My time with Elder Alvarado has been great and I am grateful for all the lessons I have learned.

So this week the other elders had a baptism and we were able to bring an investigator to the baptism to see what it is like. We were able to bring the investigator who is a professor and likes to greet us with a high-five and fistbump. She really liked the baptism and is progressing really well. I am really hopeful for her. Taking investigators to the baptism is super great. They can feel the spirit really well and they can feel the importance and see the beauty of a baptism.

Honestly nothing else has really happened this week. I am pretty sure that the next week should be a lot more exciting.

I hope that you all have a really great week!

-Elder Dority

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